How do spiders reproduce ?

How do spiders reproduce ?
You will need:
  • spider female
  • spider male
# 1

Like many members of the animal world, male and female spiders differ in color and size.Males, as usual, a multi-colored, and slightly smaller in size.Although these differences are quite minimal and help, most often, only by the arachnids in determining the sex of each other.

# 2

How spiders reproduce?In female genitals exposed.In males, there pedipalps, which are at the ends of elongated bulbs.It is through these parts of your calf individual male introduces sperm into the genital organs of a female.When the kids ask how to make a spider from clay, it is better for them not to tell reproduction.

# 3

organs of reproduction are in front spinning bodies.Most spider house can be found just when it starts to run around in search of females.Many people think about how to eat spiders and how they move, when a person living in the home.So, they usually do not move, and try not to catch the eye.But when it comes to breeding during their bas

ic instinct it becomes to find a female.

# 4

At a meeting of the spider in the house or somewhere else - do not need to be afraid of him.If the feeling of fear can not be overcome are likely to have such a person developing the disease arachnophobia.This word is called the fear of spiders.The fear of arachnids is one of the most common phobias in the world.Fear is explained as follows: the more the creature does not look like a man, the man of this is terrible.

# 5

In the natural world known fact that males of some species of spiders have to be very careful after mating.As seen spiders this situation: a female can immediately try to kill individual male and well they dine.Males of some species are trying to escape, but there are those who, without unnecessary objections give themselves in sacrifice their future offspring and females.

# 6

Spiders - very interesting representatives of arachnids.They have interesting habits, lifestyle and behavior.Needless to say, interested in their very appearance of 4 pairs of legs, many eyes, the ability to spin a web and be eaten after the transfer of the seed.In many cultures around the world to see the spider - is good.So, do not be afraid of them.