How to Win Friends and Influence People : Dale Carnegie's advice

How to Win Friends and Influence People : Dale Carnegie
You will need:
  • Sincerity
  • good memory (for names and details of people's lives)
  • Courtesy
  • keen interest to other
# 1

Relationships with other people candevelop a completely different scenarios - and very much depends on their "author".For one person, it seems, moves through life with extraordinary ease and rapidity.It seems that he is able to charm and to find a common language with literally everyone who will meet him.He tied a lot of acquaintances, which, in particular, greatly helped him to achieve material well-being.Another man is absolutely nothing to boast of.Moreover - in all these areas he can rightfully call himself an absolute failure.And get along with people is impossible, in spite of all his efforts, and at work - perhaps because of it - things are not going well.

# 2

However, do not rush to write himself "magnets lack of success."Being an ace in the great art of communication, opening the doors to those who mastered them from birth is given to very few.However, this

does not mean that others who are less fortunate, can absolutely learn anything.Especially in this area of ​​human life by psychologists of various kinds accumulated great experience.For example, should refer to the works of Dale Carnegie - teacher education for over twenty years leading into courses for businessmen and professionals and who wrote "How to Win Friends and Influence People."This book, which was published almost eight decades ago (and completely released not for profit), in the same year sold a million copies.

# 3

Within ten years after this she entered the top list of leading American edition of "The New York Times."This record until now no one had broken.This book's popularity is not surprising.Many Carnegie tips are known to everyone, almost from birth, but not all use them, not really believing in their practical use.Basing their arguments on numerous examples from the life of famous personalities of his time, an American psychologist and director of the only in the world (at the time) Laboratory of human relations tells us about the most simple and at the same time the most difficult things in the world - the ability to find the "key" to their fellows.Basically, the book is aimed at business people and other professionals - people with whom the author used to communicate at work.However, the proposed rules will be useful to all Carnegie.

# 4

Even now, more than seventy years later, its recommendations do not seem out of date.On the contrary, for many people is still a problem then, How to Win Friends and Influence People, the principles of the same book they really help.The cornerstone of this, according to the author, - a keen interest in the rest of the human race.We need to try to be kind to all (and not merely to appear so) and interested in their lives.Everyone has a need to feel important and significant.Someone who will help him to meet her, no doubt grow in his eyes.Therefore, if a person really wants to be a success among his own kind, the most important for him to stop focusing only on itself (too many people make this mistake) and pay attention to the achievements of others.

# 5

If everything will turn out that way, and then the compliments are easy to break away from the mouth and really go with all your heart, and do not be like a crude flattery, which is easy to expose.You should also keep in mind that the name of the people around them, and some important parts of their lives.American psychologists say that for any person's name - in any language the most pleasant sound.In everyday life and in the professional sphere should be primarily interested in the fact that it wants another, and help him to achieve this - and not just be a "sales manager" (as in the material, and emotionally and spiritually).This is not all the tips that gave Carnegie in his books.Adapting them to their own lives, is really possible to become more successful in interaction with those around.