How to take part in the " Remove it immediately " program?

How to participate in the program
You will need:
  • address transmission "Remove it immediately"
  • Photos potential hero
  • history, justifying the need for its participation in the program
# 1

long been known that, althoughto communicate effectively with other very important qualities of the soul and intelligence, yet the first impression about the man folded the way it looks.Not the least role in the appearance of playing clothes.It's not even that she bought in the fashionable boutiques of Milan and Paris, or in the market.The main role is played by the combination of its elements to each other, their harmony - all of what constitutes a puzzle called "style."

# 2

It is an art to master which is not so easy.Many people, even those who have the opportunity to purchase an expensive and high-quality clothes, "stumble" is the fact that do not know how to wear it and combine things right.However, not all, and seek to ensure that the rules and tricks to learn how to find your own style.There are cases when people seemed to me

ntally pull the plug on their appearance, wearing the fact that the first will fall in the store.

# 3

Their relatives are eager to help them, but do not understand how to do it.Fortunately, especially for those "lost sheep" invented TV, where know a lot about clothes specialists help them to find their own style.One of them is the program "Remove it immediately."Maybe if someone came into my head to ask lined up all those who would like to participate in it, you get a string of people would have been longer than the mausoleum in Soviet times.

# 4

It is not everyone knows that exercise is a desire not so difficult.The transmission edition argue that they have no "decoy ducks" - all participants are very real people who really had problems with the ability to choose their own clothes.The assurances of the creators of the program, become the protagonist of the next issue can be anyone who is committed to change their appearance and who have experienced real problems because of the failure of the image.

# 5

Getting "into the TV" is not difficult.To do this, write to the postal or e-mail address, "Take it down immediately."The latter can be found at the STS channel, if in the "Project" select the name of the desired transmission.The key point for admission to - contents of the letter.It is understood that the air will be released only the most vivid stories.It is necessary to write this, but without exaggeration, and outright lies.For clarity, should be attached to the application of photos and videos with the potential heroine.

# 6

Of course, the letter should state her name and address and contact telephone number.After this will only wait editorial response.If they are impressed by the story lady needs a "fashion" aid, it will be invited to the shooting.There may be some difficulties - for example, when the heroine is not happy with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčreincarnation.However, if it surrenders to the mercy of the leading program, it expects a bonus in the form of fashion, and most importantly - the new self.