How to wash yellow armpits ?

How to wash yellow armpits ?
You will need:
  • Clothing
  • Tips how to wash stains
# 1

sweat stains on things are not only unflattering sight, but also by their extremely unpleasant odor.Standard holders yellow spots are white wardrobe items - t-shirts, shirts, dresses.These spots are located in the same standard places - under the armpits or on the back.Laundry conventional means is not able to deliver a thing from this unpleasant surprise, so you can just get rid of the damaged items and get a new one.Well, you can still search for information on how to wash out the yellow stains under the armpits and on the back.

# 2

Experience has shown that it is best to wash out fresh stains, but the old and stubborn stains risk and remain loyal customers of white clothes.There are some practical tips on how to win the yellow stains under the armpits at home and with minimal cash outlay.The simplest means of getting rid of yellow stains is ordinary table salt.But the method of application depends on the stained tissue.If wool o

r silk, then a tablespoon of salt should be diluted in a glass of water.Next, the resulting solution must wet towel made of cloth.

# 3

Those places where the yellow spots are formed, it is necessary to wipe this cloth.After the salt will penetrate slightly into the tissue, the product must be rinsed with lukewarm water.If it is necessary to wash out the yellow stains from items made of cotton or linen, then a teaspoon of salt should be mixed with a spoonful of ammonia.Both components are bred in a teacup.The resulting solution is soaked clothes with a stain area.After this thing should be washed as usual procedures.It is very effective in the fight against yellow spots is the aspirin solution, or if scientifically, acetylsalicylic acid.

# 4

We need to take a couple of pills, crush them, and diluted in half a glass of warm water.Cloth moisten in this solution, then wipe the yellow stain and leave for an hour or two effects.After this time, wash the item must conventional manner.Also, removing stains becomes available if you use a soap solution and oxalic acid.To do this, make a solution of soap and brush thoroughly, but gently rub the stain.At the end of a good thing is the procedure recommended to rinse with water.

# 5

Then in one glass of water will need to dissolve a teaspoon of oxalic acid and wet with sweat stain made solution.Leave thing at a time, and then rinse with water several times.It is equally effective in an attempt to bring stubborn stains are all sorts of tools that are used for washing dishes.To experience the stunning effect of this method, it is necessary to fill in the macula dish detergent and leave for several hours for best results.After that, the thing must be thoroughly washed and rinsed.

# 6

same effect has and soap.Dirty thing you need to lather soap and also leave a few hours.Typically, a couple of hours would be enough to get rid of the hated spots.Of course, to completely prevent the appearance of yellow stains under the armpits is very difficult.But very often the formation of perspiration due to the wrong pick up clothes.Therefore, in order not to fight with yellow stained with sweat, you just need to avoid their occurrence, and this is enough to dress for the weather and the ability to change and wash clothes more often.