What to do to not want to sleep?

What to do to not want to sleep?
You will need:
  • Douches
  • Proper breakfast
  • tonics
  • Massage, Aromatherapy
  • Gymnastics
  • Energizing music
# 1

When suddenly happens attack of drowsiness,people can not concentrate, it is very scattered and his eyes against his will begin to stick together in my head there is some fog and did not manage to cheer up.In some cases, it can be dangerous for a career or even their lives - for example, if an attack happens during an important meeting or when driving.How to quickly get out of this state?If drowsiness occurs frequently, the first thing we need to understand its causes.The simplest of them - a systematic lack of sleep and poor diet with excess fatty, sugary and salty foods.

# 2

However sleepiness attacks may also indicate a lack of vitamins, lack of oxygen, decreased thyroid function.What can be done, I did not want to sleep?Experts offer some very simple but effective ways.First of all it is necessary to correctly arrange the room in which a person wakes up in the morning.Psy

chologists believe that a bright spot in front of the eyes immediately after waking activates the nervous system and runs all the important processes in the body and helps to quickly wake up.You can hang on the wall opposite the bed or bright impressionistic picture of cheerful shades of orange or yellow.

# 3

can not lie in bed after waking up.It is necessary to immediately get up and go to the bathroom.Alternating hot and cold water - a great tool for instant awakening.Contrast the temperature should be gradually increased: beginners can start with warm water combined with the cool.Over time, it will be possible immediately after a hot shower safely pour the bucket of ice water.This procedure is ideal for charging vessels: expanding and tapering under the influence of different temperatures, they are restored and strengthened Douches also helps to speed up metabolism.A faster metabolism ensures vitality and energy for the whole day.Doctors believe that ordinary glass of cold water to drink on an empty stomach, tones up and charges the body with energy.To enhance the effect, you can add lemon juice.

# 4

appears quickly and you can stay awake through proper breakfast.It should include foods that stimulate the work of all vital body systems: cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine.These miracle products include dates, banana, raisins, citrus fruits.They can be used alone or as a supplement to the porridge, which must be prepared from raw cereals.Quickly wake up will help a cup of black coffee or tea without sugar.Fans of sugary drinks should be borne in mind that the sugar circulation slows down and leads to sleepiness.Some nutritionists say that cocoa has a strong invigorating effect than traditionally considered energizer coffee.It contains a special substance theobromine, which tones the body and it does not harm the heart.

# 5

can quickly get rid of sleepiness if to rub earlobes and feet.The fact that they are located in the so-called point of cheerfulness, when exposed to a person quickly comes to a state of alert, no matter how much he might wish it to sleep.Massaging should be in a circular motion in both directions.Performing a simple set of exercises, consisting of bends, squats, jumps and slopes, it works better than a double dose of coffee.Well wake up stretching exercises (stretching).Some go too far and am engaged in strength training.Doing this is not necessary, because you can achieve exactly the opposite effect: instead of the charge of cheerfulness to get a complete breakdown.

# 6

proven way to quickly awakening and positive mood - listening to dynamic music.The effect is enhanced if the search time and dance to it for at least 5-10 minutes.By the way, attacks of weakness are like waves.If you hold on for 20-25 minutes, most often they are themselves.In the home environment can be at this time to lie down.Proved that although naps to 15 minutes helps to fully recuperate.

# 7

Another original remedy is aromatherapy.Scents of citrus, rosemary, jasmine, lavender helps to cope with fatigue and sleepiness.In any case, if the person often experiences fatigue, weakness, it always tends to sleep, it is better to see a doctor, as this condition can be a symptom of serious illness.In this case, treatment of sleepiness becomes possible only in conjunction with measures to cure the underlying disease.