How to clean the washing machine with citric acid ?

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid ?
You will need:
  • Washer
  • Citric acid
# 1

Every housewife wants her washing machine served her as long as possible, thus a little bit easier to a hard life.And many clutching his head at the thought of cleaning the washing machine from scale.But before you engage in self-cleaning, you need to understand the reasons for the emergence of scale.The main and perhaps the only root cause of occurrence of scale is hard water.That it becomes due to calcium and magnesium salts, which are included in its composition.In this article, we will focus on how to clean the washing machine with citric acid, and other means of scaling.

# 2

most simple and proven tool - citric acid.To do this, remove the machine from all linen.Close the door.In the compartment powder should sleep 2-3 tablespoons of citric acid, which can be bought in any store products.After that it was time to choose a cleaning program.In this case it will be the longest time the laundry wash program cotton at the maximum temperature.Be s

ure to set the rinsing cycle to more thoroughly clean the washing machine drum.Spin mode is not necessary, because there is absolutely nothing pressing.Next you need to click "Start" button and wait for about three hours.

# 3

Citric acid for the washing machine as a lifeline to drowning.The process of purification of the scale is as follows.Citric acid is reacted with scum and thus dissolves the salt.As a result of this heating element, which is considered the main scale accumulation place is cleared.To increase the cleaning effectiveness of citric acid, it is possible to add some brightness.After such a cleansing machine will be as good as new.In carrying out the cleaning can be every two months.Most importantly, we must remember that is constantly using acid can achieve the destruction of not only the scale but also the rubber parts of the machine.

# 4

Clean the machine from scale and other possible ways.We must take a glass of ammonia, two pieces of soap and a ten box of baking soda.Soap will need to grate.All these components have to dissolve in a few liters of water.Then put into the machine useless old thing, pour water and wash in the usual way.After washing the washing machine you must thoroughly wash and rinse.Now, knowing how to clean the machine with citric acid, it is possible not to worry that it will fail because of the formation of scale.