How to fool a fingerprint reader ?

How to fool a fingerprint reader ?
You will need:
  • old prints
  • container with water
  • scanner
# 1

As practice shows, the vast majority of fingerprint scanners can be fooled.How to fool a fingerprint reader?Craftsmen invented many ways.For example, the most common: on the surface of the scanner you can always find old prints, they can make a container of water, and the imprint is visible, and you can open the lock on it.There are ways you can read about them on the Internet.

# 2

And how long stored fingerprints on various subjects?Differently.On the shelf life of the fingerprint is influenced by many factors - this climate, in which the object and the material of the object itself.Also, the shelf life of a print depends also on the outer layer of human skin, left a mark.

# 3

in criminology fingerprints are the most important factor leading to the arrest of the offender.The police have a database of criminals, in which the main points are the fingerprints.What are fingerprinted?In fact fingerprints taken not only cr

iminals, but also a number of other people - soldiers, civil servants, collectors service.But fingerprinting - is voluntary.

# 4

on home appliances items currently installed passwords in the form of fingerprints.How to put a fingerprint password?These passwords can be put on the door locks, and on mobile phones and laptops.Usually with a laptop or phone Comes with software CD to enable this feature.These programs should be loaded, and you can use it.

# 5

How to reduce fingerprints?There are chemicals that can help.It is also for office equipment wipes impregnated with special chemical solutions that remove fingerprints from any surface.Person's fingerprint has a unique pattern.And the science that deals with fingerprints, is a good tool in the world of forensics.But always there are craftsmen who figure out how to work around sensitive fingerprint scanners.