We explain how to behave in a flood

We explain how to behave in a flood
You will need:
  • Documents
  • lifejacket
  • Inflatable boat
  • Products
  • Calm
# 1

Flood called the presence of the mass of water on the earth's surface, which is due toits depth prevents usual life processes.Rise to flood a lot: it may be flooding, torrential rain, strong inflow of water from the sea, which appears as a result of hurricanes or earthquakes.In fact, the flood - very terrible natural phenomenon from which no one is immune.But in order to reduce as much as possible the harm that it can cause, everyone should know the basic rules of how to behave in a flood.

# 2

Actions listed below must be performed while in the area of ​​sudden flooding.The most important thing - to exercise restraint and not to panic.While talking about this is easy, but in practice to perform is sometimes very difficult.Next you need to collect all the necessary documents (passport, insurance policy, birth certificate, etc.), values, medicines, foods, swimming facilities and other vital necessities.Documen

ts and money would be nice to be wrapped in waterproof material to prevent them getting wet.

# 3

about how there is a flood, a lot of movies filmed and written books.The cause of the flooding in the spring is the melting of snow.As a result, the formed water runs into rivers, which are beginning to increase, out of the banks and thereby sweep away everything in its path.There are also summer floods, which occur as a result of abundant rainfall.The water that fell as rain, accumulates in streams, rivers that carry the power, and then repeats the picture of spring flooding.It is worth noting that the flood is not a mesmerizing spectacle of Hollywood movies, this is a real danger.

# 4

to flooding should not be treated "carelessly", because this attitude usually causes serious consequences, including death.Here are a few tips on how to be saved from the flood.According to statistics, the chances of survival are much higher for those who remain to wait for assistance where water is caught - on rooftops, in trees, and so on.The main thing to remember is that, you should not hide indoors for the simple reason that they can be completely filled with water, and conducting rescue operations can be difficult.

# 5

If possible, immediately leave the area of ​​flooding by helping with the care for children, the disabled and the elderly.Before you leave home, turn off electricity, gas, close all windows and doors.Following the recommendations, how to act during a flood, you can save not only your life but the lives of the people around them.Do not discount the following signs that may warn of impending flooding: long-term heavy rains, rising water levels in rivers and lakes, restless behavior of pets.

# 6

possible to give a few tips on how to deal with flooding.The first step is to carry out activities aimed at strengthening the home.Be sure to keep in the house swimming equipment - lifejackets, inflatable boats.All items and products are best kept in dry places, removing them from the basements and cellars.Do not forget about pets.In case of flooding animals on a leash or in cells killed.Therefore, in the case of warning of a possible flood of all animals should be released from the cages.They are good swimmers, and being free they have a better chance of escape.

# 7

Save lives in natural disasters and to provide support to loved ones - is an important task, whose success depends on the knowledge of each person is what kind of threat can be.