How to enable fingerprint scanner ?

How to enable fingerprint scanner ?
You will need:
  • scanner
  • program
  • fingers
# 1

There are models of laptops with built-in fingerprint scanner.They need to ensure that no one, except the laptop owner, could not go to the computer.With this scanner does not need any passwords, make enough your finger.How to enable fingerprint scanner?Scanner is a device as a flash drive, which can be inserted into a special socket or notebook computer.It starts a special program with which the disk is attached to the scanner when buying.

# 2

There are several ways how to erase fingerprints.The most simple - wear gloves.Well, seriously, that is, drugs that treat patients for cancer.He has a side effect is a skin disease of which varies finger skin pattern.Also craftsmen criminals or reduce fingerprints acid, if you really need.

# 3

How to find fingerprints?There are many different chemical means by which this can be done.Specialists may find fingerprints anywhere with the help of light effects, that is, from different angles of inc

ident light.On a laptop or phone, if you have connected a fingerprint reader, and no owner, then there is a special program that can unlock the computer or phone.

# 4

Curious people are wondering how to get rid of fingerprints?Interesting question.For example, someone cut away drawing fingers with sandpaper, someone washes with acid or alkali, someone burns a laser beam.Ways are many, but they are barbaric.But if the question of life and death, about the price, no one thinks.

# 5

How to remove fingerprints from the metal fingers, appliances and other surfaces?There are special wipes for removing any impurities, including fingerprints.There are chemicals also help solve this problem.Fingerprints are unique to every person.Two people with the same finger prints there.And it creates a problem for people who have not quite legal life.For other people it is another reason to prove its uniqueness.