How to use the microwave ?

How to use the microwave ?
You will need:
  • microwave heat-resistant glassware
# 1

Progress does not stand still.Now and in order to warm their food do not need to light the gas burner, pour the required amount of food in a separate dish, reheat (good if razogreesh as needed, but you can also overheat and), then pour the food into a plate.Next, wash the dishes and in which the heated plate and from which you ate.In general, spent a lot of time.Therefore, our inventors have invented a device that reduces heating time of food, as well as reduce the amount of dirty dishes and called it a microwave.

# 2

principle of the use of this device is very simple.You need to reheat food.You put the food in a special ovenproof dish inside, close the door, select the heating mode, set the time and wait for a beep, which would mean the end of the warm-up process.Depending on the model list of the functions possessed by the device, will vary.In addition to conventional heating of food is a function of the preparation on prescrip

tion products, defrosting food, grill, steam cleaning, built-in steamer and many others.

# 3

, you need to clearly understand the utensils before starting the operation of the microwave - which can be used, and what can not, and why.There are several types of dishes permitted: glass, plastic, porcelain, ceramic, wood.It is strictly forbidden to use metal utensils and dishes of authorized material, but with the metallic elements (gold and silver patterns), because metal reflects the microwaves and crockery does not allow them to penetrate the food.Also, the use of such utensils can cause arcing and damage as a result of the device.

# 4

All the same, what is so subdued that housewives heart device?B primarily food heating rate.Second, a huge amount of features.Third, the safety of food all the nutrients.Well, the most important of plus this unit has almost no power loss, unlike their predecessors, are heated not only food, but also the air and all the objects around.

# 5

Looking at all the advantages of using the device, minus the notice does not want.This invention is really worth it to buy it and use in everyday life.