How to put a password : a fingerprint ?

How to put a password : a fingerprint ?
You will need:
  • magnetic powder
  • The lead
  • Latex
  • Ballistic gel
# 1

fingerprint as the iris eye, uniquely identifies a person.That is why now, many security systems are programmed to the identification of human fingerprint.Application of this technology has taken a variety of niches, from simple scanners in some notebook models to multi-level security systems in major companies.

# 2

That is why there is a question about how to put a password fingerprint.This is done using specialized software.For example, in the HP Notebook PCs - HP Simple Pass this program.When holding your finger on the scanner, it starts with a proposal to establish a scanned fingerprint as a password.Upon receiving a positive response the next boot will be possible only when the line of prints.

# 3

sometimes necessary to remove fingerprints from the surface, giving rise to questions about how to reduce fingerprints.It is virtually impossible to remove fingerprints from paper, as sweat from fingers penetrate

s into the pores of the paper.On other surfaces, they can be removed by rubbing with a hard cloth.To leave fingerprints, you need to use surgical gloves.

# 4

raises many questions about how to trick a fingerprint reader.Some people believe that modern scanner is impossible to deceive, but it is not.Deceive it possible to make an exact copy of the printout of latex or ballistic gel.There are methods that allow to make a copy of a fingerprint from a surface.

# 5

prints are stored for some time.Thus, many are interested in how long the stored fingerprints.It depends on the type of surface and the intensity of the sweat glands.For example, a glossy surface they remain much longer than on paper.Also, the prints left by the fat man kept longer.In addition, at low temperature, they keep much longer than high.This is due to the fact that the moisture begins to evaporate from the print intensive at high temperature.

# 6

Many people wonder how to take fingerprints.In order to take fingerprints from the person uses special ink that is applied to the fingertips roller and then roll back the traces on paper.For fingerprinting surface is used with a powder consisting of magnetic powder and the lead that is applied to the surface neat.If it has an imprint, it will manifest itself.