How to distinguish a Tartar ?

How to distinguish a Tartar ?
You will need:
  • observation
  • savvy
# 1

Of course, everyone is different, but still there are some features that integrate a separate race, the peoples of the group, the people.The Tatars are the Altai family, Turkic group.Tatar ancestors were farmers.Tatars, unlike other members of the Mongoloid race, have distinct similarities in appearance.Outside Tatar underwent changes due to the infusion of Slavic blood.Indeed, the Tatars are not only dark, but blonde and even red, unlike the Mongols, Azerbaijanis, Uzbeks, Tajiks.Also, Tatars do not necessarily have a narrow slit eyes and very dark skin.However, still emit similarities Tatar appearance.Anthropologists have found that modern Tatars had ancestors as the Mongolian and evropioidnoy race.

# 2

It is in this context, representatives of the people are so different.In addition, there are several types of Tatars: Ural, South Kama, Crimea, Volga-Siberian.The last type is most approximate to the Mongoloid race.have a wide nose, a pronounced

cheekbones, dark hair, brown eyes, fold over the upper eyelid.But this type of very few.Volga Tatars have a long face no pronounced cheekbones, large gray or brown eyes, the eastern type nose aquiline.Build correct, tall, hardy, the skin is not dark.Most still meet the Tatars of European appearance, with brown hair, light eyes.Almost all Tatars have a narrow nose, sometimes with a hump or an eagle.Often, the Tatars of low growth, the average height of women is 164 cm.

# 3

Character Tatar also has its own characteristics.The representatives of the people are hardworking, hospitable, stubborn, clean, but proud, indifferent, unmoved.They traditsiyah- respect elders, guided by reason, to be law-abiding, to adapt to the situation, to be able to adapt.They are also deeply religious, patience, love order and authority.Thanks to hard work, perseverance, straightness they are successful in their careers, commercial vein is certainly inherent in the people.They are disciplined and persistent, work is carried out to the end, they achieve their goals.

# 4

Tatars aspire to gain knowledge, they show perseverance and responsibility.The main feature is the Crimean Tatars is the extraordinary indifference and calmness, even in the most difficult situation.The Tatars are very talkative and curious, although during silent concentrated.In addition, this people has a pronounced sense of self-esteem, see themselves as special, sometimes haughty, arrogant.All done with a certain innate dignity.Even Tatars extremely clean, always order and cleanliness, though, rich or poor, they live in their homes.They keep track of their appearance, neat and clean.In relation incredibly respectful of their co-religionists Tatar, very honest, thefts are rare among their.

# 5

Tatar people are very hospitable, despite belonging to a particular faith, social status and so on. E., They have hosted all on equal terms.Even without being rich, they always invited for a guest table and share their modest lunch and dinner.An incredible curiosity differ by women.Tatarka, being tied to the house, busy raising children wonder just the little things, trying all sorts of ways to look behind the veil of public life, their views are attracted by the beautiful costumes, interesting gadgets, they love to watch people, especially Christians, Europeans who have other traditions,foundations.How to determine the Tartar if certain personality traits can be fully characterized and other nationalities.It is only necessary to connect the external features and character traits.Since Tatar folk Muslim people, yet they are similar to other peoples professing Islam.But the Europeans, they also learned a lot, because many Tatars live on the same property with them.