Where and how the ancient people lived ?

Where and how the ancient people lived ?
You will need:
  • consider avstrolopiteka
  • consider Homo habilis
  • examine Homo erectus
# 1

learn how to live the most ancient people, modern scientists know already a lot of facts, butsome anthropologists secrets not revealed yet until now.Overall, the period of primitive man takes a time period of several million years, until the appearance of a reasonable person.The question - where and how the ancient people lived and from whom they eventually took place, there are many answers, which represent different points of view and different scientific schools.Still, experts agree that human evolution is not a linear one.Thus, anthropologists argue that previously existed several types of ancient people, which differed significantly from each other in many ways.Among these characteristics are as physical indicators of strength and endurance, as well as the structure of the brain and its mass.

# 2

Later subspecies those people who were a dead-end branch will inevitably die out due to the fact

that they are replaced by more powerful and adapted.Today, there are several hypotheses about the origin of the human species.Some researchers believe that the first man was the ancestral home of Africa as East and South.The other theory is that there were multiple foci, the birthplace of humanity, who are on the territory of modern Europe, and Asia, and Africa.The direct ancestor of humans - Australopithecus - lived more than three million years ago, and that he considered the ancestor species.The term is translated from Latin as "southern ape", because the very first remains were found is Africa in the twenties of the last century.

# 3

Next, a world-renowned anthropologist Louis Leakey found no less interesting evidence that the species originated in Africa, because the remains of settlements of ancient people discovered them in the Olduvai canyon, showed that people are able to use stonetools.Naturally, they were very easy to manufacture and rather crudely made, but still, it was the beginning of civilization, and oldowan has since been adopted as the reference point of visiting species.The man in the modern sense of the word was "handy man", which has existed for more than two million years ago, and it was he who was the first «Homo».The appearance of these people is quite different from how a person looks today.But he also strongly differ from all types that existed before it.

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Interestingly, the tools found at the site Habilis sites, were made entirely of river and sea pebbles, and very often they are thrown away after use.Homo habilis, as well as modern, was a social creature, and because the people lived fairly large groups that anthropologists, scientists called primitive communities or original communities.Lifestyle human ancestors were mostly nomadic, stopping at the places that were comfortable climatic conditions, as well as the number of different flora and fauna for the whole family could eat.On the bones were discovered Homo habilis sites of different animals, but other than that the people engaged in gathering and fishing.

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known that it was then that the first attempts were made to tame the animal, although cattle are sufficiently developed only much later.While technological progress went much slower, so the invention from one instrument to another, as before the script could go through thousands and millions of years.So handy man gradually began to settle around the world, as parking were also found in Europe and Asia.Later Homo Habilischastichno mixed, and was partially eliminated from the main habitat new species - "Homo erectus".Interestingly, some scientists believe is very likely theory about crossing two species - Homoerectus and Homo sapiens.In erectus, there are several subspecies, which vary in the degree of development thinking and structure of the body.

# 6

So, Pithecanthropus considered more archaic and synanthropes - more progressive.Names of subspecies given depending on the location of the remains;in Europe at this time there was Homo erectus.Compared with the more primitive species that lived earlier Homo erectus not only constantly walked on two legs, not helping himself with his hands and falling on all fours, but also changed his posture, which has become more direct.Erectus was already able to produce a variety of tools and weapons, among which were found as tools and weapons.As soon as there is a development of human thought, his brain grew, and adjusting to growing needs.Limbs become better able to work and thumbs acquired greater mobility and flexibility.