How to get a wax at home?

How to get a wax at home?
You will need:
  • paraffin
  • information about how to perform cosmetic treatments using wax house
# 1

How to get wax at home paraffin bath for the hands acquire now immense popularity.They effectively nourish the skin of hands and slow down aging.The special effect is the paraffin mask for the face.Damage to the person warm wax gives off heat the skin, thereby extending the skin pores.Cooling down, the wax begins to shrink, pulling pores and freeing them from the fat pockets.These properties and its use cosmetologists.

# 2

For the described cosmetic treatments at home, many are interested in and how to get wax.For this purpose, the pharmacy acquire medical purified paraffin candles are used instead.If you do the bath for the hands, the hands are first processed by scrub and then lubricated with cream, to wax will not stick to the skin.Brushes are lowered into the heated warm, but not hot wax for 15 minutes.After that, put on special gloves to 20-30minut.

# 3

as facials, wax is appli

ed to clean, dry skin.Impose it in 2-3 layers, leaving loose eyelids, lips and nostrils.To keep warm face cover with a towel.The procedure for 15-20 minutes.How to prepare a wax correctly?All cosmetic procedures involve the use of molten wax.Melt it in a water bath.In a wide saucepan filled with water and brought to a boil.Then she placed a small pot, which previously were placed pieces of wax.Paraffin must switch completely to a liquid state.

# 4

It so happens that the wax gets on your clothes or linen and stiffens.The question arises, how to remove wax from fabric?Stained cloth object placed in the freezer.After a while under the influence of cold wax becomes brittle and can be easily removed.And the remaining oily stains rid using alcohol or dishwashing detergent.

# 5

How to distinguish the wax from the wax, because they are so similar in appearance?It turns out that the cutting knife paraffin wax unlike crumbles.And one more feature.Wax candle burning with the smells of honey.It's easy to be made of colored candles, but for this it is necessary to know how to paint or paraffin wax?The molten material is added already in powder form dyes, tablet or suppository aniline dyes.Then all thoroughly mixed and then poured into a mold.At least the wick is inserted.But, after all, to preserve youthful skin healthier it will wax!