How to wash the gum from clothing ?

How to wash the gum from clothing ?
You will need:
  • Freezer
  • Boiling
  • Knife
  • Vinegar
# 1

Casual wear each time subject to external influence.Check on your favorite pants strength can, after them stick chewing gum.Often such metamorphosis can occur because of a banal negligence and ignorance of others, sticking gum under a table top or on the chairs.Jeans can be put in the original appearance, if the time to think suddenly.If the sticky object was detected, immediately proceed to its removal.How to wash the gum from clothing?While it is still sticky, paper napkin can lure it towards you.Just worth to put a napkin to the affected site.If there is ice on hand, then it should be placed in the bag and put in a cold place sticky.Once the gum becomes hard, it immediately scraped.And at best, and completely put the entire garment in the freezer.As the material at hand, you can take a knife, but see to it that he was not very sharp, but it may appear hole.

# 2

Although it is worth considering over what holey pants in fashion.A

nd maybe that's gum will make you the star of the disco.Chewing gum on the clothes - not a sentence.It is necessary to be patient and then everything will turn out.It may also happen that do not have to scrape.Chewing gum will harden and become detached from the tissue at the slightest effort, but will remain a brush to clean the place, so that nothing is reminded of the incident.Vinegar will help, if there is a problem.A couple of spoonfuls of the tool to warm up in the microwave, take an old toothbrush, soak it in the solution and begin to scour the cud.In the store you can buy a stain remover and try to test his strength in the struggle with chewing gum.Just do not engage in independent action, should adhere to the instructions in order not to spoil a thing.

# 3

If the house has a peanut butter, it is also nice to get rid of the gum on the clothes.A little drop of oil to the sponge, rub the spot until all the gum does not come down.After the manipulation of data need to wash items in the machine with good powder, preferably at a high temperature water.And the grease stain will look sloppy.For example, with jeans to remove gum is much harder than with clothes made of wool or silk.She seemed to eat into denim.But methods enough to revive his thing after such a "sticky attack."

# 4

To address the gum in addition to the cold can and warmth.Be removed by boiling the cud help.It is necessary to heat the teapot, to straighten things, pour boiling water from the inside straight to the spot, chewing gum from such temperatures would hide in her eyes and with the water draining.But here lies another problem.If there is a possibility that the clothes shed much, you can get a spot at the site of gum white spot.Then it is better not to take risks and try out other equally effective methods.

# 5

And so two things: chewing gum and clothes never crossed, carefully inspect the place where sit or lean.And if all this is confusion happened, should not hurry to say goodbye to your favorite trousers, all the fun is yet to come.And do not forget to throw the gum directly into the ballot box, not to bring trouble to his surroundings.