How to bring clothes with superglue ?

How to bring clothes with superglue ?
You will need:
  • alcohol
  • Acetic acid
  • Water
  • means "Minute"
# 1

If you get glue on clothes, formed stubborn stains.Regular washing can not cope with them, need to glue pre-scrub, then wash.Methods for cleaning will vary depending on the type of fabric and the adhesive composition.How to bring super glue from clothes, to avoid damaging the structure of the tissue?If the glue is accidentally turned on clothes, then get rid of it can be a liquid containing alcohol.To do this, moisten it a sponge or cotton pad, wipe the stain, and wash after using the powder for this type of fabric.Instead of this liquid can be applied vinegar solution.

# 2

To display selikatny adhesive, the product is soaked in water, add soda dining.After three hours of soaking is necessary to rub the stain with a brush and rinse with soapy water.But before you apply all these methods, you need to make sure they will not harm clothing.Print Super Glue from clothes is not so easy.From the first time perhaps nothing wil

l.When it comes to fabrics such as wool, silk, velvet, they are cleaned in a special way.It is necessary to make acetic acid solution (20 g) in 100 ml of water.According to the composition of rinse spot to lie down, then rinse.If you can not clean well at the first attempt, it is worth repeating.If super glue damaged articles from other tissues, then the course is acetone.

# 3

it is necessary to moisten a cotton pad, wipe the stain.Glue "Super moment" is very strong and it is difficult to output, it is necessary to be careful when using it.Stationery adhesive can be removed with plain soap and cold water, rubbing the fabric.And then wash item as usual with the powder.Gasoline, glycerin, ammonia suited to purify casein glue.Moisten any of the liquids cotton swab, wipe the stain and so leave for a few minutes (10-15), then rinse and wash.Joiner's glue "leaves" things if they just soak in soapy water for 20 minutes and then wash.

# 4

In addition, there are many commercially available stain removers which are also perfectly cope with spots of glue.You just need to intelligently approach the issue, choose the tool for a specific type of tissue, and not engage in independent action, and act strictly according to instructions.Then even the most persistent and "bad" spots will no longer be "decorating" clothing.Sold stain removers in every department of household chemicals.Yet we must remember that the fresher the stain, the easier it will be to get rid of him.With a crust of dried subsequently have to tinker longer.

# 5

well as immediately noticed the stain, then cope with it better.If things foreign "object" in the form of patches of rubber cement was found, then it will cope with a tool called "Minute".If no method did not how to remove super glue from clothes or partially helped get rid of the glue, in this case, there is a fallback - dry cleaning.There certainly cope with more complex patches, but the main thing to do it in time, until fresh "wound" on your favorite things.