How to fill the printing ink ?

How to fill the printing ink ?
You will need:
  • Legally required profile for printing
  • Ink Refills Print
  • Rough sheet
  • a damp cloth, a sheet of paper
  • Absorber pad for stamps
# 1

Printing in record management - an essential attribute of high-quality work and guarantee of the legality of actions.Stamp on the documents confirming the legitimacy of what is contained in the document, it said that the authorities were acquainted with the problem and is ready to solve it.But in order to work with the press was easy, it should be remembered that the rules of filling in the necessary accessory for the office.Without workers' press can not optimize documents, and can not be a normal working process.It is printed on the documents made by the secretariat, seriously reduce the time of processing.

# 2

Modern mechanisms of stamps, made on the basis of a spring placed in a plastic housing, allow us to make an infinite number of copies.Of course, given the continuous and timely refilling ink.To contingencies not disrupted workflo

w should always be kept in the office of a spare ink cartridge for stamps.They can be purchased on request via the Internet, and can be bought in specialized stores Office supplies and office equipment.The ink is usually purchased in black, blue or purple color, a bright color is not permitted for use in modern Russian offices.More regulation can be found through the company's statutory documents.How to fill the printing ink?This can be seen below.

# 3

How to fill the printing ink?Firstly, it should be, as stated in the paragraph above, to get themselves out of ink.Then follows the press with the right thumb print on the base.Now it must be lifted so that the special opening for stamp pads was flush with the handle.In order to release the stamp pads, should put pressure on the index finger of her left hand.Then, in the center and on the edge of the stamp pads are applied a few drops of the selected ink.If this can not be zealous, or when you add too much liquid printing prints are unclear.Still it is necessary to perform this simple operation to lay on the table of disposable paper or old newspapers: it happens that even the new print may splash at first ink.

# 4

How to fill the stamp ink?After the ink will be pumped into the die can be removed with an excess of the plastic surface of the housing with a damp cloth.Then you need to insert a stamp pads in special equipment.When the lower edge of the handle and the upper end connected to the opening for the stamp.After completing these simple manipulations should wait twenty minutes to finally impregnated ink pad.When the entire surface of the sponge-stamp pads impregnated with a solution, it will be possible to make a print on the rough sheet of paper.To do this, take svezhezapravlennuyu printing, soft movement of the hand to push the handle over the whole area, so that the print image was uniform.If everything was done correctly, the paper surface will turn out smooth and accurate printing.

# 5

If you are using Flash print, then you need to fill it with a special knife-cutter.To do this, insert the stamp knife into the hole after removing the print retaining ring.If the flash is monochrome printing, that is using a single color, the ink cartridge is filled with ink using a fine medical syringe.It should be thickly applied on the reverse side of the stamp, using a special cushioning pad for stamps.This procedure was repeated two, three or more times, while waiting for the absorption of each portion.After about half an hour longer any excess can be removed.The flip side of the print is wiped with a damp cloth, to leave no ink stains and streaks.If Flash does not print monochrome, it is necessary for each paint to use separate syringes!

# 6

Finally it should be noted that the ink can be made independently.Stamp ink still in the 20th century produced in the home.Today, too, can be done at home this operation, making the required number of high-quality ink, which may be enough, and for a few years!To this aniline diluted paint of any color in an amount of 30 g and 250 g of water and glycerol.Glycerin rub by mixing with other substances and tied for 24 hours in a dark cool place.A day will be ready to stamp paint.Red ink made according to the following recipe: 20 g of aniline dye, 800 g of glycerol, 100 ml of water and 100 g of dextrin was stirred in a glass container to give a homogeneous mass and the cold.One day the ink will be ready for use.