How to activate the bonus points on a megaphone ?

How to activate the bonus points on a megaphone ?
You will need:
  • megaphone
  • Internet
  • points
# 1

More people when choosing a cellular preferring tariffs MegaFon.Most questionnaires conducted blitz as anonymous and public have shown that most users have moved to other operators on the megaphone.And not without reason, because it is not only relatively inexpensive, but high-quality communications, which operates in all regions of the country.MegaFon provides a huge range of tariffs to suit all tastes mobile consumer.High-quality and fast mobile internet at low cost, the ability to make calls to other operators at the same price as in a network, all this provides cellular communications.Recently, there were bonus points that are awarded for the next replenishment of the balance, sending sms, and even for the use of the Internet.

# 2

All accumulated points will be valid for the next twelve months.That is why it is very important to know how to activate the bonus points on a megaphone.Another big plus is that the bonus points do not nee

d to specifically connect, get points may all subscribers using this cellular communication.One bonus point can be obtained for every throw on thirty rubles a balance, they are usually awarded in the period from the first to the tenth day of each month.You should know that not accumulate bonus points for calls in roaming, use the service "Change your dial tone" for calls to premium entertainment service.But not all people know how to activate the points on the megaphone that they are not burned in vain.

# 3

To find out the number of points that will expire the first day of the next month, you can send an SMS to number 5010 with text 2, or dial the command * 115 * 2 # and press the dial.Another big plus is that the bonus points do not need to specifically connect, get points may all subscribers using this cellular communication.All the accumulated points can be used for calls within the cell, sending messages to Internet use, or pay bonus points for special mobile phone stores.In this case, two points are equal to one ruble.For convenience, the subscriber has a new way to activate the points on the megaphone.This can be done with the help of the Internet, simply by going to the "Service Guide" or otherwise called "personal account".To do this, just need to open any convenient search engine and enter a regional site Megafon, after it is loaded you need to register by entering the cell phone numbers.

# 4

Within a few minutes to come sms with the figures which will be the password for that to log in.Loginov, in this case a cell phone number at which you received an SMS with a password.Next you need to find the section "gifts and bonuses" and choose MegaFon bonus.When you receive the "Activate remuneration" click activation.Introduced section provides all available bonuses and all the necessary information about the amount of bonuses.Click Next once the correct package selected.After the request is processed on the phone will receive an SMS message with information about the package is activated.You should know that on the site Megaphone activate bonuses can not only themselves, but also to any other number of his relatives and friends (of course, if the subscriber uses cellular communication Megafon).

# 5

In order to activate the bonus from your phone you need to dial the command * 115 # and the call button.Within a few seconds will the menu in which you choose to receive a bonus.After a list of all of the proposed bonuses, which will have a number everyone.How to activate the points on the megaphone on a minute, by which you can make calls within the network for free?To do this, first you need to check the number dialed bonuses, it needs to collect all the same command * 115 # and call.Having checked the bonuses, you can proceed to the activation of bonuses on free minutes.You can call the number 5010, and listen to the information you need.But it is possible and other more familiar way dialing * 105 # and call, then selecting the section "MegaFon bonus" to find the contribution of "activation bonus points."In order that would enable them to your room you need to select the desired number corresponding to this.Next, you should go to "Phone" section, where you can select points on any cases, depending on the requirements in the calls.

# 6

You can choose a free package minutes for calls within the network for calls to other subscribers use mobile operators, fixed numbers, calls to Russia and other CIS countries.There are different packages of free minutes, it all depends on the number dialed balls.You can choose packages of free minutes in sizes 0.0, 0.0, or 240 free outgoing minutes.For example, for a 300-minute package within the network must have accumulated 170 bonuses.If the score is not enough on the selected package, you just need to go back to the previous menu and start from the beginning by selecting a package with fewer minutes.

# 7

After selecting the package, you need to move to exchange points, they will be available for the next 15 minutes after coming SMS message with information about the request put on treatment.The bonus package will be active for the next 30 days from the date of activation.You can activate several packages at once, but it is necessary to know that the first package will be spent fewer minutes (the same characteristic of other bonus packages, such as SMS or megabytes).Understanding how to activate power-ups on the megaphone and the basic rules of the use of bonus points, you can significantly reduce the cost of calls, sending SMS and internet connection.