How to fill in a questionnaire on the passport of a new model for kids?

How to fill in a questionnaire on the passport of a new model for kids?
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When there is a need to issue a passport for the child, parents are faced with many problems.Well, first and foremost is the need to decide whether to issue a new passport, or make an entry in the passport of a parent that also carries over a lot of inconvenience.It can happen is that in the near future will have the opportunity or the need to send the child abroad, he can not do it without a parent, it is recorded in whose passport.But not always because of certain circumstances, a parent can not accompany their child.For such cases it is more expedient to issue a passport for a new sample of the child.It is a public document which certifies the identity and nationality of a particular person, in the case of crossing the state borders, as well as in the case of a stay abroad.Passport for the child new model differs from the old document embedded chip, which contains a photograph and personal details of the owner (name, birth data, when peopl

e learn documents, passports and other series for more information).

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passport to a new sample of the child differs from the old special logo, it is applied to the skin for the recognition of a document with an electronic carrier.Personal human data is displayed on the first page and a photograph of him, the first page of biometric passport (passport of the new sample) is much thicker than usual.All passports master data are entered into a special electronic chip that is located on the first sample of the new document.The main advantage of such a passport is that many established border control equipment which reads all the necessary information to the electronic medium.Thus, the reduced period of entering information about the person who is going to cross the border.You must know that in a modern identity document of citizens can not enter children.Application for a passport for the child is the most important aspects when applying for a passport.The first step is to realize that the form must be filled for the issuance of a parent or guardian of a child, as well as a trustee, guarantor, whose rights have been documented.The application should be completed on the computer, more capital is not allowed to fill the form.

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Application for a passport for the child shall be filled in capital letters without abbreviations.It must be filled in duplicate.old-style profile is different from the form to a new passport for the child.The form on the biometric passport is not necessary to specify the date of registration at the place of residence.A child of 14 years or older puts his signature on the front side of the form.To fill in the questionnaire should be as follows: a child 14 years of age, passport or identity document;birth certificate;liner on citizenship;zip code of residence;landline number and mobile; copies of documents mom and dad.In the case where a child is different from the name of the parent who submits the documents, it is necessary to attach a photocopy of a marriage certificate.Procedure for the application of the title of the form: The first paragraph is necessary to fully specify the name, surname and patronymic of the child, whom draw up documents.Abbreviations are not allowed.Next, indicate the date of birth of a child.Example: "October 20, 2000 Mr." A third point.Floor.The fourth paragraph.Place of birth, which is written according to the data of the passport.Next, write data on place of residence.In the sixth paragraph of point information on the nationality of the child.Then rewrite the data from birth certificates.In the eighth paragraph written goal obtaining passports.

# 4

further indicate information about the child's criminal record.Then describe in detail information about previously obtained passport.In the case where the document is issued for the first time, the field remains empty.The following items are filled on the reverse side: Eleventh paragraph.The applicant wrote his full name, first name and patronymic.Twelfth item is data on the child's birth.Further.Paul applicant.In the fourteenth paragraph indicate the applicant's place of residence.Fifteenth item.Address your registration.Sixteenth item.Full details of the applicant's passport.What would a new passport for the baby came on time, without any delays, all items must be filled out correctly, to avoid any problems in the future.Passport for a child to fill ankety- is one of the most important points, an error that can lead to many problems, from the dreary red tape in their offices, to problems in there the points at border crossings.It should be carefully and very seriously to fill the questionnaire.