Activation navigator: how to activate Navitel?

Activation navigator: how to activate Navitel?
You will need:
  • Computer Network Internet
  • Navigation Chart
# 1

Navigator - an indispensable thing for many motorists.This small compact device for many has become a reliable companion that allows accurately determine the optimal route.Today there is a wide range of navigation systems.If, however, the decision to purchase the navigator Navitel, created by a Russian company, it certainly will be a question of how to activate Navitel?This is one of the few domestic producers of navigation systems, which in addition to the maps of more than sixty thousand Russian cities, the large quantity of foreign cards.Navitel program very easy to use.

# 2

It indicates not only the nearest Tube, but also offer options for their detour, the best routes during peak hours and will also provide useful recommendations.Despite the large number of features that the developers gave it a compact device, set it up is not so difficult.If you want to purchase the software for the navigator, you can order it on

the website of the company CD with the necessary software, usually supplied complete with communicators.Activation Navitel Navigator starts with the start of the installation file with the extension.exe.Developers offer two ways to activate it.The first is that the running program is first asked to register Navigator.

# 3

In the window that opens, enter a code with symbols purchased the navigation map, and further provided with a personal license key.After completing the registration process you can free download from the website the desired card and updated versions of Navitel navigation software.After leaving the Internet the program will start jump file named NaviTelActivationKey.txt.This is a private key, which number is automatically determined based on the number of data cards purchased navigation.After that, it remains only to enter the key code in the appropriate field, and thus finish the procedure activation navigation system Navitel.After activation will need to run the program.

# 4

Immediately thereafter, the navigator on the memory card will appear with folder names NavitelContent-Maps and NavitelContent-Skins, in which you can upload the desired map with routes, like certain cities, and the whole country.Maps are not included in the distribution, so they will need to separately download and save on your memory card to a specified folder.Although the program can download some maps and independently, yet is safer to save the card in the computer's hard disk and then to copy the desired memory card.In another folder can be copied to different skins and change the appearance of the installed program.Another way to activate the program is suitable for those who still have not found the answer to the question of how to activate NAVITEL on a personal computer.As in the previous scenario, we go to the same site

# 5

Next NAVITEL need to register by entering data purchased the navigation map, and then download the same file with the extension txt, used in the first method of registration and upload it to the folder in which you saved the program Navitel.So, everything is ready, the program is activated.If you restart the operating system or replace the computer, the program will have to register again.To do this, you must apply to the Support Center, and provide your personal details for registration.Managers of the company is required to solve this problem within 4 days after treatment.Due to the activation of the navigator Navitel, all routes will be faster and safer.Anyone with an accuracy falls to the specified address, and thus save your valuable time.