How to pay utility bills in St. Petersburg ?

How to pay utility bills in St. Petersburg ?
You will need:
  • Internet
  • bank card
# 1

Payment of utility services in St. Petersburg, as in many large cities have long crossed over the line receipts and bank branches.All new data types of payment accounts began to appear and secured in life that has brought some difficulties for certain sections of the population.So how do you pay for electricity and other utilities?One of the most convenient and popular methods in this case, you can safely assume that the use of terminals, which can be found in many places in the city.

# 2

If you resort to the use of certain terminals, each payment can be done without a commission, which attracts the attention of many contributors.Some payments may take additional commission, which is known in advance.This will save the budget.Do not forget about the existence of this service available in every ATM.To do this, you must have a credit card or a card for payment.All payments of this kind do not have extra charges if the card refers specifically to t

he bank ATM which has been selected for the product bill payment.

# 3

In addition, utilities in St. Petersburg can be in any branch of a bank in cash.This option implies the compulsory payment of fees for the transfer of funds.Banking Payment amount rarely exceeds 3 percent of the amount of payment accounts or debt repayment.No less widespread are considered non-cash payments such as.As a rule, this method is fulfilled to automatism.

# 4

In other words, the customer enters into a banking institution with a certain bank agreement, for which a monthly basis with his personal account is withdrawn to pay for all necessary utility services amount of money.This option is considered to be quite convenient, because customers do not need to worry about the maturity payments, entrusting such efforts banking institutions.In the era of intensive development of the global Internet network it would be foolish not to mention the possibility of payment through the network.

# 5

Typically, payment for electricity and all other services via the internet draws only the younger generation, which is closely connected to the global network.For this option payments using electronic money or credit cards are simple.In addition, modern banks began to run their online department, through which you can quickly and easily manage their accounts.In other words, this option may be the most up-to-date.