How to care for leather gloves , so they do not lose color?

How to care for leather gloves , so they do not lose color?
You will need:
  • soap solution
  • gasoline
  • olive oil
  • ammonia
# 1

Leather products require careful care and attention.The right sock and timely cleaning will prolong the life of the product, and it will please his master impeccable views.Every lady should certainly know how to care for leather gloves, if available in her wardrobe.There are two types of cleaning leather products: wet and dry.If gloves just dusty, you should resort to the dry cleaning.Cloth or soft brush should be wiped with the product.If we are talking about heavy soiling, you can use soap and water, gently wipe with a cloth soaked in the solution and wipe dry.Do not expose leather gloves machine wash, wash, even on manual mode can spoil a thing.

# 2

After this endurance test is necessary to learn how to make the gloves, for other purposes laundered glove is no longer useful because of the unsightly appearance.Strongly to wet leather goods also should not only clean the polluted sites directly.vinegar solution in the

water returns elasticity gloves.How to choose the right glove?Before buying you need to measure the product, try to bend and unbend the fingers, and thus should not feel discomfort.The skin has to stretch property, this fact should not be overlooked when purchasing.

# 3

sometimes resorted to the procedure gloves soaking in gasoline.This will help them clean.The product is dipped in gasoline, a few minutes removed, wipe with a dry cloth.If the first procedure does not give the result, it should be repeated.How to wear gloves, to serve faithfully your mistress or master?You should avoid sharp objects not to accidentally make a hole.To leather gloves longer carry them smeared with olive oil.If a strong pollution it is necessary to refer to chemical agents.How to clean gloves?

# 4

Before using chemicals, in order to avoid unintended consequences, it is better to start to try to clean unobtrusive place.After any contact with water, gloves must be properly dry, but avoid direct sunlight.Soap solution plus ammonia - a great recipe for a tradition of freshness gloves.If you can not buy special tools for cleaning the skin, you can use and people's councils.It is necessary to take the egg white, put it on a cloth and wipe the leather gloves.