How to book a train ticket on the phone?

You will need:
  • passport
  • agency phone number
  • money to redeem the ticket
# 1

For many business people such services as ordering train tickets by phone is important.This is convenient because it does not have anywhere to go or to go, we need only to dial the desired phone number - and all the problems will be solved.To do this, just need to pay a little extra, and then not have to worry, that will not be able to leave on time.And also it is necessary for those who are not able to book a ticket via the Internet.In some cities, you can order tickets by phone, also have the opportunity to arrange the delivery of the tickets to your home or even in the office.

# 2

Make a reservation ticket for the train over the phone by calling in the city Railway Agency, in which a person lives, or in the near vicinity or area where there is this agency.Phone number of the agency's easy to find in the Internet and in any telephone directory, and can be specified in the reference station of the railway.O

nce found the phone number, and the person got it, he has to answer free operator, which will specify where this person is going to go, where to travel, what time he was interested in, and how many people are going along with it, what type of car it ispreferable (coupe, NE, reserved seat, and maybe total, or sedentary).

# 3

Next, he has to ask - this is the place you need to train (for example, bottom, top, side, and I must say that it is preferable, if it is not near the toilet, but somewherein the middle of the car).If a person has some benefits, it also will need to tell the operator that it is fully owned by the situation and was able to offer the right card and the right place in the car.It must be remembered that the reservation of a train ticket on the phone, is the necessary service for every man, if he wants to leave on time.The operator should check what space is available, and offer the most suitable option.Then you need to choose the option that suits the passenger, and dictate their data and the one who goes with him.

# 4

These include: full name, passport numbers, birth certificate, documents to confirm benefits, the age of the child, as it is necessary to clarify what a ticket to take, ordinary adult or child.And only after that will need to specify the method of how the data will be redeemed tickets.You can arrange a courier delivery to your home or office, so you need to specify the delivery address.You also need to know what to book a train ticket on the phone and arrange courier is possible only if the person is in the city where this agency is located.Usually purchase the tickets in strictly designated for this box office, but their main advantage is that all it is much less than usual.

# 5

This ticket is necessary to buy back at least an hour before the train departure.I must say that the book a ticket over the phone can be from 1 to 45 days before sending the desired train.Possibility of booking tickets only in Russia or the CIS countries, as international tickets so you can not buy.To do this, you will still need to apply directly to the box office, in person to the one who is going to go.We must not forget that the reservation is taken the necessary ticket fee for the service.He will be charged for each seat, in the amount specified amount.For the delivery of the same will have to pay double the amount of maintenance.