As a guaranteed interest Woman Pen ?

As a guaranteed interest Woman Pen ?
You will need:
  • guy
  • girl
  • tips
# 1

In the XXI century, the century of advanced technology and the Internet less are men capable of so simply to come up and meeton the street with a girl he liked.After dating through the Internet it is much easier and even failing one representative of the fairer sex, you can immediately accept the "storm" another.Plus, there is no eye contact, so in the case when the girl refuses guy, he avoids having to look boldly into her eyes and pretend that he was not offended by her disdain.On the other hand, the same eye contact is very useful when meeting, there is the possibility of non-verbal exchange of views, to show her that it is not a joke and it really is beautiful and worthy of attention.

# 2

But if it so happened that an acquaintance must be installed via the Internet, for example, when really liked the girl, and the probability of just meet her on the street is very small, the guy you need to know how to interest the girl in the correspondence.Th

e most important thing to remember - he simply must avoid patterns of phrases and expressions, such as "hello, how are you?", "What are you doing?" And so on.Beautiful girl in the network every day offering to meet a certain number of guys, it's so boring that most of the girls have simply ignore the suggestions of acquaintance or messages from unknown guys.The first report should be individualized and interesting that, as yet unknown beauty, immediately wanted to answer it.

# 3

To be able to think of what to write the same sentence of the first, it is necessary to examine the girl's love, read the information on her page, she wrote of herself, but the facts, it will assess its self-esteem.Knowing the interests and preferences of the girl, the guy is much more likely to get the first sentence in point.conversation should not start with a compliment, it's as corny as the question "How are you?".His girlfriend has to be done once struck up a conversation.Sender must be unobtrusive and original, should not immediately write to her, "You're so beautiful!", It is only alienate, since such posts per day she receives a minimum of two or three.It should try as much as possible to talk about the positive things.

# 4

you receive "pressure on the pity" does not work, it is very rare girl loves boys-moaners.It should be fun, to entertain her, but you must not forget that, in any case can not look stupid.If the current topic of conversation in the head of any witty jokes does not come, it is better to remain silent, as the network a chance to correct the mistakes almost none.The impression of a guy a girl develops with each new sentence written by him.Overloading the girl's head a serious conversation about politics or science is not worth it, if only she will not start this conversation, because there is a huge risk of being branded as boring for her and clever.Do not tighten any subject or to open a frank discussion.If there is a feeling that the discussion on anything too long, it is necessary to change the subject quickly.

# 5

should always remember what a man is different from a woman: it has to be bold and decisive, confident and even a little brutal, so the proposal to meet a girl waiting for a guy, do not expect that she will begin to writethat wants to go on a date.Just a huge mistake is too long chat on the Internet, because the guy with whom she corresponds with the network, day out on a date is not a day, it is for it figuratively online friend with whom you can share everything and do not need to have the build of alady, because with a guy meets a girl is definitely not going.There is a so-called "frendzona" from which the climb is almost impossible.To avoid such situations, invite a girl on a date is as soon as the adjusted successful communication, is not yet there awkward pauses when there is nothing to say.

# 6

girl before the concerned man gladly agreed, in response to the offer to meet and take a walk.Yet in any case we must not forget that a well writing and speaking guy a few steps above the rest will be in the girl's eyes, so it is necessary to try to intelligently express their thoughts.It should also be remembered that she received a message from a stranger guy, always goes to his page, if available.Therefore, before you write a lady, you must bring your own page in order.The questionnaire should be restrained, their individuality better disclose personal communication.It is necessary to remove incriminating photos, including a large number of photos with different girls, or vice versa, with one and the same.

# 7

couple of pictures with the female sex, of course, you can and leave, so as not to pass for a perfect failure.But the reputation of a womanizer - not the best choice.Elements of porn and eroticism as well be deleted from the page, or block access to it, because these things can also spoil the impression of even the girls the most beautiful communication.A little more humor and heart in communion ladies will melt, because it is so nice to talk with someone who can easily laugh!But memorized jokes over and over again veer too, should not be spontaneous, witty, inoffensive jokes - the key to success!Talking about how to interest a girl correspondence can be infinitely long, but the most important rule - be yourself takes courage and respect for his companion, and then all must come out!