How to wear medals : wearing the correct order

How to wear medals : wearing the correct order
You will need:
  • Order
  • Internet
  • archive
# 1

Order is not given to everyone.To earn it, you need to show true human qualities or be truly professional business, in which different people.Order must be earned with blood and sweat.Order - a manifestation of respect for the person, for his high merits.Recently went a lot of talk about the significance of medals.Some people try to belittle the achievements really strong people.Some deserve the Order of great difficulty, therefore, can decide how to wear medals.If a person has received an award - it already means something big.In any case, a person who has received such award ever entered his name into the history of a movement, of the state.And no one has the right to tell people how to wear medals and orders on what activities they can be approached.They will be suitable for any event, without exception.Thus people will show that he achieved something

# 2

How to find the owner of the order, if there is only a reward?In case of loss of

rewards it is always possible to return to deserve it man.To do this will have to do a certain amount of work.Any order that has been issued, including posthumously, has its own identification number.Data are awarded shall be entered in a special database.Previously, they were recorded in a file and stored there for many years.On this number, you can always identify its owner.How to get the award from the hands of the finder?The search may last quite a long time.On the Internet, some sites, volunteers collect information on all awards and medals.Now there is no need to stand in a queue file, read them, now enough to just enter the order number or the medal, which is issued every award and the database quickly would find its owner.After that you need to find the person or his relatives and get a well-deserved award.

# 3

What is the order after a while?During the period of development of the state, many awards are changed, change the name, but their goal is the same - to show the importance of human achievements to the community, the state, and even humanity.Basically, the medals are made of high-quality metals, which do not undergo chemical or oxide to oxygen.They retain their shine and are always ready to decorate the chest of the hero.Sometimes only have to handle the cleaners for a shine.How to sell orders in the market?Most people who have earned a reward for any money do not want to sell their achievements.But it also happens when simply no choice but to sell their medals.For many people, the memory more expensive than any money.But if you still made the decision to sell the medal, you need to advertise on specific sites or auction.Many collectors are willing to pay big money for the award.