How to surrender their weapons to the police for money?

How to surrender their weapons to the police for money?
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police periodically conducts actions for the voluntary surrender of weapons, in which subjects are not handing over criminal and administrative liability.These measures are bearing fruit: bring many weapons, and society becomes more secure, because the number of unregistered weapons from the population is reduced, which makes the community safer.But that's not all the measures used by the police.Discussions on how to surrender their weapons to the police, lead public opinion in the right direction, when most people think that having weapons at home - a bad idea.After all, if the gun hanging on the wall, then it should shoot.Because of this proverb implies that not all 100% trust state bodies of law and order security.And in vain.Most cases of arms trafficking in Russia in recent years have been disclosed, and their organizers carry long prison terms

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How to determine the caliber of weapon, if you see a weapon for the first time?On the Interne

t there is a lot of useful information that you can learn about all the things.Including about weapons.To learn caliber firearms must be in the search engines try to find the brand and the possible gauges.Also in the cartridges is always shown their caliber that can be easily identified.If absolutely nothing is not coming, it is to contact the experts, which will prompt the necessary information.How to make cold weapons in the home?This question is asked every boy in the yard.But not all of them knew that it could be followed by severe punishment.If not for him, then for his parents, who do not keep up with the actions of his son.It is not even worth trying to make the house cool weapons.Weapons - not a toy.They can cause serious damage to a person that is not a normal action in a civilized society

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How to order weapons?This is quite possible in today's Russia.To do this, you have to collect a huge number of documents, including a certificate of mental health of mental clinic, permission from the police to carry bladed weapons, a permit for the supply.Then periodically have to be marked in the data services that during bear arms has changed the mental state of the person.In this case, wear life is extended.How to properly clean the weapon at his dirty?A method of cleaning a lot, most of them can be found on the Internet or learn from experts gunsmiths.It is important to remember that when cleaning the weapon it is important not to damage any of the components, so as not to bring arms down.If there is no confidence in the correctness of the action - it is better immediately contact the specialists, albeit paying a certain amount.The main thing is not to damage or deface weapons