How to learn quickly to read books ?

How to learn quickly to read books ?
You will need:
  • Books
  • Attention
  • Special exercises
# 1

Currently faster and better processing of information is often a matter of life and death.Pupils, students and many other professions and activities require human ability to quickly read and digest the information.The first way that you can get the necessary information, it's reading.Books, reports, various reports, that the beginning of an almost endless list of materials with which modern man has to work.Fast reading of documents is not a fairy tale or a myth, but it is everyday reality.Once online, you can see a huge wide variety of literature on this topic.This article is written in order to show the main methods and techniques which will help absorb the undeniable need every skill.

# 2

So, some tips on how to quickly read the book: First, do not read and pronounce words aloud to himself.At first this may be difficult, but there are some simple exercises can help in this.Put his finger to his lips.It helps to control involun

tary movement of the lips.Or eat a pen (pencil) teeth.And do not touch the subject of any lips, or tongue.You can also press the tongue against the teeth and constantly monitor its position.Another exercise is to say aloud any personal insignificant sounds (la-la-la, Tralee wali t. N.).It may also help the same exercise, the running silently.

# 3

You can also conduct internal account when reading or different patters, short poems and so on. N. Using these exercises helps not pronounce the words read to himself.Again, can contribute to a low-volume listening and relaxing music, thus it is necessary to trace the development of the melody.Secondly, the important factor is the development of peripheral vision.It allows you to cover the eyes are not single words, but several phrases.One of the exercises is to read the verses.Reading should try to snatch the eye immediately words from both ends of the line.Over time, it can be read as any text.Another effective exercise for this is considered to draw a square and divide it into nine squares field smaller, each received field is necessary to enter the numbers from one to nine.

# 4

And writing numbers to be chaotic, but the center is to be one.Then, focusing only on the central square, peripheral vision to find the rest of the digits in order.After successful completion of the test square size can be increased to sixteen squares, and so on. D. It is also recommended for any situation and at any place cover look as much as possible the number of elements of the environment.Another factor that can affect the way how to read the book quickly, this concentration on the read.And in no case can not go back to the already read.This greatly hinders the development of the ability to speed reading.It lies in the fact that the meaning of a few words do not affect the overall meaning of the text and the time spent.

# 5

To do this, start with a strict reading of the installation does not go back under any circumstances.Over time, this will enhance the ability to concentrate and remember better enable read at one time.Reading is also recommended to arrange a permanent inspection.Like how many read in half a minute, for half an hour or mark period of time it took to read a book.And another fact, when reading the human eye is constantly stopping and then starting to move and the eyes to read a person moves evenly, without hesitation on the text.This error is instilled from childhood, from school, when learning to read when it was necessary to accompany the movements of the eyes finger, leading them on a read.

# 6

This action inhibits the reading speed and improves eye fatigue.Also help in the development of speed reading training to help with dictionaries.You can use any, spelling, synonyms or antonyms dictionaries and so on. N. Reading the Dictionary, you need to try to identify as many words as you can at the same time.There is another technique: while on the street should pay attention to a variety of advertising or machine rooms.It should snatch as many words at a time, without looking at the image.Or another method: writing look.You can write anything, the numbers from zero to one hundred, words, phrases or whole sentences.These are the basic exercises that help develop and secure the speed reading skills.But you should always keep in control speed reading training.

# 7

And after reading the book, you need to ask such questions as: Is everything clear to read, what moments in the material could not digest at once, and why.But we must also be pointed out that such reading techniques are not always acceptable as, for example, introduction of academic or scientific literature.In this case, the read speed is not the main factor is much more important is a thoughtful and unhurried acquaintance with the material, so as not to miss an important and valuable information.And, of course, be read as much as possible.This is advised to read the literature vary, t. E. Not to focus on one genre or writer.Good absorption of texts written by different people and in different styles.

# 8

This will undoubtedly improve the quality of materials and the speed of processing information from them.It is recommended to start training in speed reading with something light, such as with the notes on animals, travel or have to read books.And, moreover, it should be remembered that the development of speed reading techniques required: first, time.Secondly, patience.And, thirdly, permanent and continuous training.Subject to these conditions over time, this ability to go on a subconscious level, and will not require permanent monitoring by.