How to send a letter with acknowledgment of receipt ?

How to send a letter with acknowledgment of receipt ?
You will need:
  • Waybill
  • Envelope
  • Stamps
  • tag with srih code
  • pay for sending
# 1

Often there are situations when you need to sendemail an important document:.. statement, complaint, report, etc. In most cases, you may later need to send a confirmation document.What to do in this situation?In fact, everything is quite simple.Mail provides such services, it is only necessary to properly arrange the administration of this type of correspondence.This article will be explained in detail on how to send a letter with acknowledgment of receipt.This notice will be the necessary supporting documents.

# 2

To send have to personally go to the nearest postal unit at the location.On arrival, you must specify which of the operators engaged in registered letters, and take from him a notice of receipt, and sign the envelope.On the left side of the envelope in the upper right corner to indicate their data.Name and surname initials to reduce unnecessary.Rows below - the index of the post office, ci

ty, address.In the lower right corner to write the recipient's data: name of the organization or the surname, first name of the recipient, below - postal details.Now you need to fill out a notice of receipt.

# 3

On the front side of the document in the appropriate locations need to enter data about the sender: name, first name, postal address.These data are entered in the "To" line of the text.On the contrary "view notification" string to make a mark "simple".About the phrase "form of administration" should be marked "with the notice."By the way, you can send the documents by registered post, and - take a little longer to has reached the recipient, and will be slightly higher payment, but will increase the guarantee that nothing will happen to this letter.

# 4

If you decide to do so, in this line you must write a "custom-made with the notification."On the reverse side of the form you need to enter the details of the is not necessary to fill the rest of the line, they will fill the operator.If you have questions, post office worker will tell you how to send a letter with acknowledgment of receipt.If everything is clear, we can come up with a completed application form and envelope to the operator.He will fill the remaining empty blank line, put his signature, weigh a letter, pasted on the envelope right amount of stamps and a label with a bar code.

# 5

number barcode necessarily useful: for it on the website of the Russian Post can be traced, where at any given time is sent a letter.The final stage - pay the cost of the letter, said the employee-mail, be sure to obtain and keep the receipt.As can be seen from the article, send a letter with acknowledgment of receipt, it is quite simple.One can confidently say that everything is done correctly.Will only have to wait for confirmation that this letter is delivered to the addressee: it will be known by the postman, who will bring home a notice, completed when sending emails.