To select orthograms in words ?

To select orthograms in words ?
You will need:
  • text
  • Russian ability
# 1

correct spelling - your success in any business.Spelling-correct written text catches the eye.At the same time as elementary errors make it unattractive, and undermine the reputation of the author's "warped" words.Spelling - this is basic knowledge that are necessary for everyone.After all, a man who skillfully expresses his thoughts, and want to listen to.The concept is competent orthograms spelling of words according to the rules of a particular language that is used.That is, if when writing words the question arises, how well it is - the word orthograms.Orthograms - these are the words that have "weak" places, and writing which causes difficulties.According to the rules of grammar of the Russian language, there are about 70 orfogramm.

# 2

They can be in the following variations: unchecked vowel.Example: Cows or cars?That's right: the cow.Orthograms: the letter "O".Verified according to.Example: Poles or Pillars?That's right: the pillars.Ort

hograms: the letter "B".Unchecked consonant.Example: to destroy or raSrushit?Correct: to destroy.Orthograms: the letter "Z".Unstressed vowels.Example: To wash down or sang?Correct: sings.Orthograms: the letter "E".But as orfogrammy can serve not only the letter.It is also believed orthograms common spelling of the word, ie, a hyphen, together or separately (in space).For example, the word "first" is written with a hyphen, and "half a million" should be written as one word.

# 3

In general, knowledge of the rules of the Russian language not only gives an opportunity not to fall face in the dirt, but also to use complex in the writing, but "bright" within the meaning of the word.So, to learn all the rules, people will automatically scroll through them in your head, when the question arises when writing a compound word.For example, with the understood rules.The next stage of the spell that still teach the children in the school, is the allocation orfogrammy.To select orthograms?Firstly, one should clearly know the correct spelling of the word, as well as the rule by which it is written.This will tell you how orthograms emphasized in the case.

# 4

Then you can proceed directly to orfogrammy release.This occurs in these stages: · First, you must choose the word which has orthograms.We need to make sure that it is spelled correctly, and back up its corresponding rule.· Now it is necessary to put the right emphasis in the word.· Provided the root word.· Emphasized orthograms.If this letter, the letter stresses if the gap - the space bar, and so on.Below is an example of how to emphasize orfogrammy words.The word "Losёnok".Rule: unstressed vowel in the root of the word, "O".The emphasis falls on the letter "e".The root word is "los".Accordingly orfogrammy - is the letter "O".

# 5

But it is worth remembering that orfogrammy may emphasize different methods.To select orthograms in word use: - normal underscore.Since emphasize orfogrammy be with her "condition", then you need to understand when and how to do it appropriate.Orthograms itself emphasizes one line, and phonetic-graphic condition - the two lines.For example, the word "figure" should emphasize the "and" and the phonetic and graphical condition is "i."- Morpheme.Morphine, which orthograms be recovered in accordance with the rules of the Russian language.By morphemes include the prefix, root, suffix ending.Therefore, the morpheme is allocated according to what is its view.That is, for the suffix - this corner, for the root - the arc, and so on.

# 6

also, very often, in this case, put the accent to show "weakness" of characters (letters, hyphen) in the word.- Verification word.Often, in order to correctly spell a word, you just pick up to it "test," that is, the word verification.For example, the word "sad."Orthograms here the letter "v".To verify that the spelling checker, you can use a word like "sad".Here, the phrase more pronounced and there are no issues with writing.Therefore, in connection with the same root, the word "sad" to be written "Article."- A brief explanation.So as to emphasize orfogrammy is not enough, after the words a little explanation is written in brackets.It indicates the rule, or the CAPTCHA, or a leading question, and the like.

# 7

Many believe that to know how to emphasize orfogrammy, it is not necessary.But in this session, which takes place every student of the school, there are a lot of advantages: - it develops visual literacy.Stressing orfogrammy, visual memory stores the spelling of words, focusing attention on orthograms.This concept is called a spelling vigilance.A person who has a high spelling vigilance, less doubt in the writing of words, as he does automatically.- This process also improves overall literacy man.The better understanding of the correct spelling orfogramm, the literacy will be a letter.And for this you should know the rules, understand that it helps underscore orfogramm.