How to gather mushrooms ?

How to gather mushrooms ?
You will need:
  • Mushroom place
  • Basket
  • Knife
# 1

's hard to find someone who does not like salty milk mushrooms.This appetizer tasted, perhaps all, and the few people she had left indifferent.And if we remember that these mushrooms can not only salt but also, for example, potato fry, that underestimate the culinary value of this product becomes very difficult.Lactarius can be on all the grounds to name one of the most valuable forest mushrooms.To learn how to cook mushrooms, as they marinate and other culinary delights, it said and written so much and this is not surprising.Shiitake as nutritious as white mushrooms, and the taste of these mushrooms is such that it is pulls the title of delicacy.But get this delicacy afford not every beginner mushroomer.Experienced mushroom pickers can tell a lot about how to collect mushrooms.These mushrooms are divided into three types - a real, black and yellow.

# 2

first two to be found in mixed forests, and the third "lives" only in hardwood.The

man with the experience just say that finding a black agaric, which is particularly appreciated by mushroom pickers, a very difficult task.This type of mushroom is found only in certain places, like glades or clearings, but, on the other hand, a rainy year it can be found in the woods from July to October.If his pickle, he takes a dark cherry color, and if you know how to cook mushrooms, and the other dishes it will be out of place.Yellow agaric, though not so rare, too, can not be called an easy target.Yellow agaric well as its black counterpart, requires knowledge of the places where it is necessary to search and still need a large proportion of care to the fall not to mix it with yellow foliage.

# 3

The most common mushroom pickers are the third type - milk mushroom real.It is the most common, not so good "masked" and is found in the woods from July to October.For all three species, common is that they grow along ditches and forest clearings.Not wanting to get on the table as a main dish, mushrooms hiding under a layer of fallen leaves, disguised as snags, as if hoping that the search for them there will be all lazy.Even after the fungus will find and will cut off, slippery mushroom and tries to slip out of hand.But it does not stop mushroom pickers.Anyone who knows where and how to collect the mushrooms will not be able to pass such a delicacy.To mix with another agaric mushroom is difficult.First of all this contributes to the unique form of the fungus.

# 4

dense mushroom with a cap, bent to the leg, is quite different from what is usually found in the woods.There are, however, exceptions.So-called "oak" mushrooms have a hat with straight edges and a characteristic indentation in the middle.Despite the difference in the appearance, taste are almost indistinguishable.How to gather mushrooms is now clear.It remains to learn how to cook them.Best of all, these mushrooms salt.However, the technology of how to prepare the mushrooms, is not so simple.First, the fungus should be washed.Thoroughly wash.Any mushroom, do not hesitate to say that out of the woods into the kitchen it gets pretty messy, and this step is very important.Fallen leaves, pine needles, or just land - the usual companions this delicacy, which in any case should not leave the shell limits, so it makes sense to pre-soak.

# 5

Below are some tips that may be helpful for novice cooks.Some of these may seem obvious, but in this case there are no trifles.Mushrooms with spots "rust" can not marinate.Even if you really want.Then it will be very unpleasant.The fungus was found scutes or worm?In his bucket.This has already been mentioned, but still.Mushrooms need to be soaked before cooking.If you do not, they will be very taste bitter, how many times they do not boil.One time is not enough.The water should be changed every 3-4 hours, otherwise nothing will.Ideally this should be done 2-3 days, but it is very few people have the patience.

# 6

optimum soaking period will be one night and two days, provided that the water is changed regularly.Further operations can be performed only after this point is finished.Dishes for salting must be chosen.There should be no rust and cracks, utensils should be disinfected.Perfect enamelware, glass jars.To salt mushrooms in two ways: hot and cold.Cool way to imply this.Soaked mushrooms are placed in pre-prepared dishes, let it be made of glass jars.At the bottom of these cans is filled with salt and spices to taste.Mushrooms are laid down hats, and each laid layer sprinkled with salt and dill.On top of all this construction is covered with a cloth and put under pressure.

# 7

takes 2-3 days, and mushrooms denser part of the bank to make room new.They need to be put under the same rules.The process continues until, until the mushrooms will not cease to "congeal".Thereafter banks (or other container) with mushrooms placed in the cold for six weeks.But for the majority of Internet users will be the most useful information on how to prepare mushrooms in urban environments.So, it is best to salt them "in hot".It's easier, faster, and most importantly, they are stored longer and did not lose in taste.This is done as follows.Otmochennye mushrooms are cooked, then sent straight to the sanitized banks, which are already prepared to fill with salt and spices.

# 8

It is placed it all in a checkerboard pattern: a number of fungi, it is covered with a number of salt, then again the mushrooms, which cover spices (to taste here already).The cycle repeated until the bank is full.Preparing this whole pyramid of two to three weeks, then you can safely try the result.If you do everything correctly, the output is a perfect dish.Store pickles would be well in the cellar, but mindful of the fact that most of those who read it, live in an apartment, the best option would be a refrigerator shelf.At the end of the story about how to prepare the mushrooms, it is worth recalling that one turns out not only excellent appetizer.Fry them with sour cream, or prepare a salad of salted milk mushrooms, there will always be a great idea.