How to carry the piano : a complex but solvable problem

How to carry the piano : a complex but solvable problem
You will need:
  • Packaging materials and special equipment for transportation
  • insulated packaging materials, a body with special fixings
  • Camerton
  • Mouse and keyboard
# 1

For Piano areand pianos.Only here the second tools is much larger because their strings are in a horizontal position.Because the piano is much easier to carry.There are 3 categories of musical instruments.We confine ourselves to the fact that they vary in size.More often than not, we have to deal with a few (relatively) piano.So, how to carry the piano and how to set the piano on their own after the end of the carriage?This gentle musical instrument - not furniture store Ikea.Excessive humidity or dryness and excess shaking can damage it.Before loading tool carefully wrapped packaging.

# 2

Then, piano imposed and premises with the help of special devices.It may be belts or tracks, it is better to ask the manufacturer's exactly how the move tool.In the back of the van, you need to ensure that the valuable cargo was

necessarily designated.Sometimes, the body panels are upholstered with additional special material capable of damping vibrations.If there is a choice of the season for transportation, it is better to give preference to the warm season, as the heat and frost can significantly affect the quality of the piano sound.In winter, of course, you must pack it well before you bring out.

# 3

Before making an instrument in the house, be sure the room is ventilated to reduce the impact of extreme temperatures.The instrument can be transported out of the house for many reasons, for example, the owner decided to ask the question, how to sell the piano, conceived and carried out with the help of the Internet.Then, happy purchaser must remember a few simple things that you should follow after the end of the carriage.First of all, it does not sit at the instrument immediately after his arrival and it is not necessary to make the setting earlier than through a couple of weeks.It is better to leave him alone with the lid closed and do not wipe with a cloth, even in the formation of moisture.

# 4

Let it evaporates from the surface itself, and then you can spend on a dry surface with a soft cloth.After 2 weeks, you can turn to a professional piano tuner as a separate setup will require not only perfect hearing, but also the availability of a special tool - fork.At various videohosingah enough instructions for self-tuning.While the piano, "moving away" after the carriage, it is possible to understand how to play on a virtual piano.The easiest way to find the online version of the piano, which abound on the Internet.Nothing complicated to manage them is not, especially if several years of music school.Professional music will not torment the question: "How to play the online piano", unless of course he knows how to use a mouse and keyboard.