How to restore the pedigree of his family ?

How to restore the pedigree of his family ?
You will need:
  • birth certificate
  • certificate of
  • death of family archives
  • desire to learn all about the past of their family
# 1

Increasingly, our compatriots have become interested in historyhis family.People are drawn to the past, and they are all carefully restored and try to learn about the life of their ancestors.Unfortunately, the events in Russia in the 20th century, led to the fact that the search for relatives of Russians has become quite difficult.A variety of emigration, war and revolution so much mixed fates of different people, which sometimes almost impossible to restore history.How to restore a family tree, if it seems that there is almost no information?First of all, it analyzes the information that is already there.If, unfortunately, the grandparents have moved into another world, it still remains a death certificate or, in extreme cases, the birth certificate of parents.

# 2

One of the ways to make a family tree is a scheme that is based on three facts: names, d

ates and historical attachment to the site (for example, cities, educational institutions).Only when the totality of all these facts, you can get the full story.To begin with carefully sampled all relatives, even ate them very long.Then, having collected all the documents, especially the most seemingly insignificant, such as blogs, learn about human attachment to a particular place.It is precisely to help answer the question: how do you know their ancestry.If there is no surviving documents, some of them provided the registrar.For example, a marriage certificate, birth or death.According to the law these documents are kept for 70 years, and then transferred to the archives.

# 3

If you want to receive the information until 1918, you must use the metric or parochial books, which was conducted in a careful record of all births, deaths and marriages.Also be able to help such documents: the confessional statements, which highlights all the parishioners who came to confession, Revision lists, containing a list of all tax-paying population.With the help of these three artifacts can reconstruct the history of not just one person, but of a kind, its scope of activities.Great help in how to create a family tree of his family, will be the first all-Russian census, it was held in 1817.It contains information on the composition of the family, and, in it, and the children are included.She also contained information about the kind of activity and the economy.The data obtained from the census are kept in the archive.

# 4

also can be accessed and archives jobs or relatives to the military archives, if you know the name or number of military units, which served service ancestors, and of course, the passage of the date of service.Sometimes treated in specialized institutions that can fully or partially take over the job.Some are turning to the media and find people who have witnessed certain events or simply possess the necessary information.Unfortunately, this process is time consuming and requires a lot of time and effort.But you must hurry, because human life is not unlimited.Therefore, we can only wish good luck and patience in this noble pursuit!