How to make a transfer to MegaFon ?

How to make a transfer to MegaFon ?
You will need:
  • cash
  • organizations providing money transfer services
# 1

How to make a transfer to Megafon and other operators Currently, MegaFon provides a wide range of servicesremittance.You can transfer money to the other party's phone number, a bank account or bank card.Although you can use and alternatives.

# 2

How do the translation on cash Megafon by telephone?It is necessary to send SMS number 7878, which are filled with information about the sender of money, the recipient, as well as the amount of transfer.Size allowed to transfer from 100 to 15000rubley.SMS to number 8464 will ask for confirmation of payment.It is necessary to send a positive response.For this service, the operator removes a commission 5,5%

# 3

transfer and receipt of cash today successfully performs international company «WU».How to receive a transfer by Western Union?To do this, refer to any point where service is this company, and fill out a form to receive money.It previously transmitted code num

ber of money transfer to the recipient.The recipient must submit a document proving his identity (a passport or military ID) and code transmitted by the sender.Repay the money in the neighboring countries and Russia in the US currency.

# 4

Sometimes you need to cancel the transfer.How to cancel a money transfer?If the funds sent to another phone number or the virtual wallet, the MegaFon subscribers will not be able to cancel the transfer.Possible cancellation of the bank transfer and cash transfers.For this written statement to the office of MegaFon or another company, which was engaged in this operation.But it's taken a penalty, the amount of which is clearly stipulated in the contract of sending translation.

# 5

banks and operators of the service "as the track money transfer"?• hotline of the system call to the telephone number through which the translation.Calling the money transfer control number, know its status.• The ability to obtain such information via the Internet.For this purpose we introduce the requested data on the system's website.You should know that translating a phone number on the Internet a purse made in a few minutes, the translation of cash - for an hour, but transfer to a bank account or card will have to wait 1-2 days.

# 6

How to transfer from the Savings Bank?The organization allows transfer money in different ways, the main ones being translated without opening an account, or from an existing bank account.To transfer cash must provide a passport, money and a statement of the transfer.To transfer an account you will need your passport, bank card or book and statements.Sometimes it requires a bank deposit agreement.So to transfer money anywhere very easily be converted into that moment.