What is the hymen is and where it is ?

What is the hymen is and where it is ?
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# 1

The hymen is a subject of confusion and a "myth" for a large number of people, few know how to look hymen.And today it is surrounded by an aura of mystery and importance.However, in modern society, the hymen is not considered an indicator of the purity of the maiden, no indication of the merits of the girls.But even some hundred years ago it was not so.It is this authority which tend to be damaged after the first sexual intercourse, played an important role in society.Everyone knows that the time of sexual intercourse is accompanied by profuse bleeding Virgin.Is it worth it to remember that in some cultures still accepted after the wedding guests to show the sheets.But not always virginity society react in this way.

# 2

For example, the ancient Greeks believed a long presence of the hymen of the girl what - something shameful.Therefore, all women, except for the priestesses of Vesta, got rid of chaff quickly and at the age of al

most six years old.But at all strange, or rather terrible things happened.Virgins sacrificed.Or, for example, on the contrary, virgins could not be executed, therefore sentenced to death, deprived of the hymen.The body, which serves protection against infections of young girls, has become something like a fetish.Yes, nature has disposed unfair.External signs of virginity in males there.For many centuries, the existence of the human race considered virgins are men who have never had sexual relations.So it looks like the hymen?

# 3

Fabrics hymen vagina repeated line.Membrane mucosa is very thin and has small openings.Interestingly, the hymen may have completely different shape holes.They are ringed, crescent, gubovidnymi, tubular, keeled and valikoobraznymi.The opening may be of any size.That is, it may be large or small.But it must necessarily be opened, otherwise menstrual blood will not flow out.Usually, the hymen has a hole the size of a finger or with a small swab.This is normal, but can be uncomfortable when administered swab.If the girl was able to enter a tampon during menstrual cycle, it does not mean that he is anything hurt the hymen.

# 4

However, care must be taken.There are many cases where women were deprived of the hymen during masturbation.Due to the filigree structure with trifling may occur and not quite typical in the conventional sense "accident."Some girls hymen is absent because of sports.Silting of the hymen can be diagnosed at birth.But more often diagnosed in adolescence.When such an anomaly looks like chaff?It is a thin membrane that completely covers the opening of the vagina.This menstrual blood is not able to escape and begins to accumulate.The method of treatment - a small operation and removal of excess tissue.Otherwise, blood will remain and accumulate in the body, signaling back pain.

# 5

Some girls hymen due to good elasticity can absolutely not be damaged after the first sexual intercourse.There are no less interesting feature.Hymen - the only female body whose size is absolutely not change the girls from birth.Genital tract develop during embryogenesis, starting from the third week of pregnancy until the second trimester, and the hymen in female children is formed after the vagina.The body can be compared to his lips, because they protect the oral cavity, are the barrier between "inside" and "outside".The hymen is also called the hymen.This word in the Greek god of marriage meant.

# 6

By the time a girl reaches school age, the hymen becomes thin, smooth, delicate and almost translucent.She is very sensitive to the touch of the physician, who during the inspection should be avoided damage the hymen.When a medical examination after reaching puberty, a girl, for example, in 21 years, the doctor may take a swab with a small mirror that is inserted into the vagina.Gently opening to the vagina smear, the gynecologist does not tear the hymen, if any.Without a doubt, this is an unpleasant procedure, but if done correctly, will not be any consequences.

# 7

Interestingly, the hymen has in mammals.For example, in chimpanzees.In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, doctors have used the presence of the hymen, or lack thereof, as a basis for evidence of physical disease.Anomalies of the female reproductive tract development may indeed be the result of agenesis or hypoplasia that can carry serious consequences.Modern medicine, however, performs miracles.If a girl after her first sexual intercourse did not find any effects in the form of bleeding, and her partner did not even notice the hymen, it is still better to visit a gynecologist and to conduct a survey.Especially if the young woman had never visited this specialist.