How to win a man : Tips astrologer

How to win a man : Tips astrologer
You will need:
  • Desire
  • Freedom
  • Independence
  • Smile
  • Intelligence
  • Confidence
  • Community
# 1

Long gone are the days when brave knights fought forbeloved hand and won her the attention of their heroic deeds.At the present time the ladies alone should attract men to the person.And with such a huge competition it is not so easy to do.The word "win" sounds scary, but it's the only way to be happy in a hopeless situation.What to do, what to understand and to attract these obscure creatures that are called men?With this question very often girls and women turn to astrologers, fortunetellers and sorcerers.Of course, the ideal and the universal plan for all does not exist, but it will be enough, and the basics, and the rest of the items every girl think out yourself.In today's world, a serious relationship superseded free.

# 2

Men today need a will that does not please the fair sex.Women dream of the eternal embrace of a loved one, understanding and education of children.This looks mode

rn young men and women are not the same.Fascinate and captivate a man is not difficult if you know their psychology.Astrologers help readers learn how to win a man and become the only one of its kind to him.They help to make the woman so that the man could not imagine life without her, did not eat, did not sleep and wanted to be by her side.All men are created flesh and blood.And it sets them apart just psychology.But this is not an obstacle in the relations between the sexes.It is enough to understand each other.

# 3

If the lady wondered, "How to win a man," the first thing she has to answer for yourself the following questions: what they pay attention to what they like in a girl, a behavior of the girl on the boys heart and importantDo they look.Astrologers believe that man first of all pay attention to appearance.And, of course, many will agree with this.Yes it is.Therefore, we must take care of yourself, if you want to win a man.Naturally, there will be a girl, which nature has not endowed ideal figure.But in today's world there are gyms and fitness!Who wants to, he always gets.I would like to add that we should not confuse the "appearance" with "war paint".Just do not attract a lot of makeup wise men.But not all constructed on the exterior.

# 4

If a girl is beautiful, but it is not interesting, how she did not try - will not be able to win her lover.Men like exciting and clever girls.So no need to hurry up and tell him everything.The information you need to give portions gradually.A man must be interested in a woman, and wait for the continuation of stories about her life.Very well it affects the story of his passion, a hobby.But the need to share their experiences frankly, not inventing.That is the truth of the story and arrange man.The guys really like women's emotions, so do not hide them.Smile.One of the most important emotions.Smile often necessary.But this does not mean that you need to do it consistently.Then the man may think that she is not quite adequate.

# 5

Smile need for suitable cases.Guys want to see that their interlocutor with him is fun and easy, and a sincere smile - the best way to prove it.But astrologers believe that good looks and cute smile will not be enough to deceive the elect.Of course, it is not unimportant in terms of points, but competent speech and raised important suggestions.What would a guy interested in a woman, she has to constantly keep up the conversation, and on any topic.If he talks about his passion for cars, it is not appropriate to insert a story about a new dress or a beautiful earrings.It would be annoying.Therefore, you need to read more books of different subjects and develop their horizons.

# 6

If relations guy and the girl have already more or less strong, then it becomes more confident and starts to forget about the rules of the conquest of men.Of course, she already considers his own.But this is fundamentally wrong.It does not give her any right to command them to start.Men by nature fond of freedom of action.And what would keep it, a woman must not forbid him anything.Especially the more prohibited, the more you want to commit the forbidden.It should not be intrusive.If a man wants something, he will definitely achieve this.Gaining the attention and love of the elect can help and understanding.We need to become associate men to share all his passion and be a friend.It is necessary to be interested in his life, and not to pretend.Astrologers believe that men are looking for just such a woman.

# 7

strong floor at all times attracted to light on the rise and in communion girl.Since men themselves like something new, they may at any moment break and go somewhere else.She must be ready to follow him.These women, of course, will win any man, and he was on the first date decides to put relations on a new level.But, before the implementation of this plan, the girls need to consider whether you need all this?Do not be in vain spent so much effort?And if a woman decides that it is necessary, you can chat with a head to plunge into the maelstrom of candy buketnogo period.If you want to win the Man, here, as they say, all good.Do not be shy man, he is a man of flesh and blood, and he is waiting for adequate communication.

# 8

In conclusion, it should be said the most important light for girls and women - need to be yourself.Astrologers claim that men are not attracted to the artificially created image, but the real picture.Stars do not cheat.One may involve time it invented a way to listen to his stories, but do not understand them.You can ask about his hobbies, but are not interested in them.This guy will notice, and then he will not interest, and disgust.If the girl is not interested in his life, she has to tell him about it.So their zodiac characteristics are not compatible.In this case, astrologers advised to simply let go of the situation and wait for their star man.Otherwise, if you pretend to be all my life, as it was then to be happy?