How to call a dwarf and fairy desires at home?

How to call a dwarf and fairy desires at home?
You will need:
  • Candy
  • Sweets
  • Bathroom
  • Virgin
  • Note
# 1

is believed that the dwarfs performing desires - the real sweet tooth and can luregood chocolates.Next induced an effective way to bring the gnome in the home.To do this, enter the bathroom and hang it on the faucet chocolate candy on a string.Next put a glass of water and a clean handkerchief.Next you need to turn off the lights, and three times a voice call gnome.Gnome has to come in a red blouse and blue trousers.While he will swim in a glass of water you need to steal his clothes.When he discovered the theft, then for every thing a person he returns, he has the right to ask for one wish fulfillment.

# 2

If a person is afraid of the presence of a dwarf, but still wanted to check whether it actually exists, then it needs to put in a dark corner of the room something tasty, three times to call the gnome and forget about it for half an hour.Upon returning, you can find sweets eaten or bitten.This is clear evidence of the pre

sence in the house gnome.Still it is possible to put two chairs and pull a rope between them, which, at the same distance hang good chocolates.Sweets should be as long as a person lives in an apartment.From the room is required to remove all the white stuff also can not wear white clothes because it vspugnёt gnome.Next, turn off the lights, turn his back on a chair and wait.When the stop rustling candy wrappers, you can turn around.If all the candies will be eaten - that wish will come true.

# 3

to induce dwarf sometimes use the bathroom.For this we need to plug all the holes, burying the door, moisten cologne white thread, turn off the lights.It is necessary to wait a little longer in the dark.If the string starts to shine different colors of the rainbow, you can make a wish - dwarf like the smell of cologne.You can also shut in the bathroom, turn off the lights to see in the dark mirror and three times to call the gnome.When the time comes, you need to grab him and a pair of scissors to cut off his beard.Then it is possible to give dwarf in exchange for fulfillment of a wish.To access the 12 gnomes need to take a comb with a bath, which is usually comb wet hair.From him we must pull 12 teeth, put under the pillow and go to sleep.At midnight there will be 12, Dwarfs and begin to tickle a sleeping person, if in the morning did not utter a word, his wish will come true.

# 4

Everybody knows that fairies - are small creatures that look like girls with wings of butterflies.Many people want to learn how to call a fairy desires, but do not know how.Fairies always easy to go on contact with young girls and virgins, which can be used as bait to catch a fairy.We must ask the girl to lie down to sleep, and to hide in the nearby bushes and watch.By sleeping on the nature girl fairy sure to arrive, which will play with her hair loose, to do a special girl hairstyle, hair vpihivaya twigs and leaves.When the fairy is keen on his game, then the observer will be a great chance to catch it, and for the freedom to require the performance of its three most cherished desires.The main thing is not to break the capture of fairy wings, because she would get angry and fouls.

# 5

There is also a way to bring a fairy desires at home.Day of the week for such a ceremony is not important.We need to show the door of the house all the relatives to stay in silence.Pre-need to write a note with your dearest wish and put it in the left pocket.Remove rug on the wooden floor and draw a chalk circle about 1 meter in diameter, close the curtains.If there is a mirror in the room, then it should be covered with a thick cloth.Himself stand in the center of the circle, put the stool on which to put a saucer with three lumps of sugar, and three cups of water.Further, the voice cast a spell call Fairy: "I'm waiting feyushka you Waiting for you good Waiting for you bride flowers will arrive, help sugar taste the water key ispey sleep Strength, let me feyushku even for a moment!!!.!" You have three times to callfairy and think about his desire.

# 6

Fairies and Gnomes also have to thank for the fulfillment of desire, so they do not get angry that their disturbed.Dwarf can put something tasty and fairies offer beautiful bead, or other cute little trinket.In these rites importantly believe in the power of their actions and beliefs.Maybe that's a fairy or gnome does not fulfill the desire, but it is deposited in the subconscious as a fact that will come true.Man will go to the direction of his dreams, will gain confidence and a positive attitude.Even skeptics who do not believe in mythical creatures, can not deny the power of subliminal persuasion.The main thing that desires and intentions were good.