How to make a tattoo at home and really be done?

How to make a tattoo at home and really be done?
You will need:
  • iodine
  • wool
  • nourishing cream
  • streptocid
  • salt
  • water
# 1

underwear beautiful picture with the image of different animals, people's faces andsimply unknown characters called tattoos.Tattooing is very fashionable in modern society.There are real professionals who can do the tattoo impeccable and very stylish.However, come those moments when you need to reduce image pectoral.This is necessary for different reasons, and each person is their own.And basically, what people who care about this issue - the right to appeal to the place where tattoo removed.But this article is specifically designed for the person who asks the question of how to bring your own tattoo.However, this procedure must be at least a painless and safe for humans, but the most important thing at the end of it to achieve the desired result.

# 2

Therefore, in this article, and will tell all about this exciting procedure.But before removing tattoos every man, with whom she has a need to know that this

process is not fast.Therefore it is necessary to have patience and endurance in order to do everything correctly and flawlessly.But the removal of underwear drawing at home yourself can save a very good amount.Because this procedure is a specialist will cost a fabulous sum.So, before displaying a tattoo at home you need to purchase the most basic "tools" for this process.It is necessary to go to the drugstore and buy there iodine 5%.We must prepare for the fact that iodine is required quite a large number.

# 3

iodine number will depend on how big is the size of the tattoo, as well as the stability of the coloring pigment.Thus, the supply of iodine is made, so you can go directly to the procedure.Initially, you need to take a cotton wool or a cotton pad, wet it in iodine and well greased the place where the tattoo is located.Iodine must be applied only on the place of drawing, to avoid skin burn without it.In order to understand how to reduce a tattoo at home, you need to know that the place to which will be applied to this drug starts to peel off.Thus, application of iodine pectoral drawing is necessary to carry somewhere around three times a day in order to quickly achieve the desired result.Since iodine cauterizing substance, then, as mentioned above, the skin starts to peel off.

# 4

Peeling of the skin - this is a side effect of iodine, as it were, a little burn, but strongly felt, he would not.After processing is done with iodine place does not need to cover the area of ​​the skin, otherwise the burn is not exactly avoided.Over time, the skin at this site will begin to dry up and, of course, there will be itching.But the most important thing is not to comb this place hands, because the skin itself begins to appear in a natural way and to help her is not particularly necessary.Before going to bed the best site on the skin to treat any emollient cream.After the top layer of skin will peel, then in place of underwear pattern formed small wound.It will be something to remind abrasion.Seeing this abrasion, iodine treatment should be discontinued immediately.

# 5

wound is likely to be a little bleeding, but to dry it is necessary to use streptotsidom.Streptocide can also be purchased in a pharmacy in a tablet or powder.One tabletochku streptotsida be crushed, turned to powder.This powder should be applied to the wound.This procedure should be carried out until the wound is not delayed.After a time code from the wound stops ichor trickle, and it will dry up, rest weary skin will need to give in this place.After two weeks of on-site tattoo can be seen pink, pure and delicate skin, just like a baby.The first time should keep this part of the body and not to sunbathe in the scorching sun.This method will help to achieve great effects.

# 6

Let him long, however, after its termination on the skin will not remain a single trace, a scar or scar.This skin will be clean and smooth.In addition to the above method, there is another painless and safe way how to remove the tattoo at home.For the second method require regular major salt.Salt in the amount of two large spoons need to pour into a bowl.Then add the salt in the same amount of pure water.Wait a certain time until the salt dissolved in water.Then take a sponge and put on it from the slurry of water and salt.The sponge should be attached to the place where the pectoral pattern and begin to implement a circular motion.This procedure will act as a kind of body scrub.

# 7

Continue movement should be about 10 minutes.However, the duration of the procedure may last for no more than 30 minutes.Data manipulation with salt, water and a sponge for greater efficiency should be carried out daily.Incidentally the body site to be applied scrub salt must be clean.This procedure should also show patience and perseverance, because as a different way to bring boring tattoo will not work.