As a person uses plants : Interesting Facts

As a person uses plants : Interesting Facts
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  • Construction Materials
  • Making medicines
  • Eating
  • Paper industry
# 1

Plants are a source of oxygen on Earth, are very important in the formation ofclimate and generally make people's lives more comfortable.Hundreds of years ago, plants were material in the construction of dwellings used as food, collecting firewood from the trees, were made instruments for everyday life and hunting.Nothing has changed to this day.As a person using the plant in their everyday life?Reading books, buying leather goods, and some do not realize that all plant products in the world.Russia - a country rich not only in natural reserves, but also on a variety of vegetation.Mosses, lichens, almost all kinds of deciduous trees - all this wealth can be seen in the vast vast country.

# 2

All plants can be divided into types, depending on the applications.Some plants go on firewood and production of building materials, others are food products (vegetables, fruit), and others - are used in the phar

maceutical and chemical industry (resin, tar), the fourth refers to the subspecies of animal feed.Do not forget about the plants that adorn our windowsills.These people use for decorative purposes, to please the eye.

# 3

Contact person- plants are very strong.Man carries a permissive exposure, and creative.The pace of industrial growth are felt.hectares of forest are cut down, some species disappear altogether.But fortunately flora has the ability to replenishment.In place of the felled tree to grow new, although this would require a lot of years.And it was the plants are a source of vitamins, trace elements, as necessary for the human body.Traditional medicine is full of recipes based on vegetable oils.The structure of many medications include roots, stems of plants.

# 4

can also evaluate how the animals affect plants.The fauna is diverse, its representatives have different effects on the fauna.Some insects, such as caterpillars, ants can cause damage to the whole forest.The caterpillars are able to leave the tree absolutely no leaves.The larvae of the May beetle feed on the roots of plants, thus destroying them.But on the other hand can be seen and the positive impact of insects on vegetation.For example the process of pollination or seed transfer - credit butterflies, bumblebees, bees.Although the wind also takes part in this, but contribute insects definitely contribute.

# 5

How plants adapt to the environmental conditions in the various latitudes of our vast country?In the evolution of plants "learned" to adapt to different weather, climate conditions.This is reflected in their appearance.So for example in areas with a hot climate plants small leaves.How did plants with thorns?It all happened through a process of evolution.Sheet transformed into a thorn because of lack of moisture.Clear leaves - this is one way to survive for the plant.No leaves - there is no life, all the processes of freeze wood goes into hibernation.