How are the nature and society ?

How are the nature and society ?
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# 1

Nature and society go hand in hand, inseparably connected with each othersince the man appeared.Nature - it is the world that surrounds the society from all its sides and is manifested in his multifaceted diversity.Society - is established in the form of a collective nature of human habitation.The existence of human society is directly dependent on the natural environment.Nature since primitive times gave him the appearance of man everything necessary for life support on the ground.Primitive people already had malomalski idea about how nature and society are linked.

# 2

They understood that their environment gives them food so they do not go hungry, water to not die from drought, heat fire.At the time, it's really all that was necessary for human life in nature.Primitive men hunted wild animals with the most primitive tools.As the community of people began to se

parate kinds of work.So there was a separate agriculture, cattle breeding and fishing.Long before there was primitive society people as they could adapt to the social life in the wild.

# 3

Primitive man had no permanent place of residence, they led a nomadic life.An important stage in the development of primitive society is the emergence of speech and the expression of their thoughts through it.As a result of the emergence of speech people can educate their children to express ideas do not work, and with the help of words and language.Gradually people were united into larger communities, so there were whole tribes.Tribe chose to himself the ruler - the leader.The tribes were mzhdousobnye war, pushed forward the land, and the prisoners were taken into slavery.Thus it appeared the first sections of the population, vodzhi and priests - the power and the wealthy, and slaves - a captive laborers.

# 4

As developing societies appeared most primitive business relationship.Tribes began to exchange with each other all that they gave nature.At that time tribes were formed, which did not accept the exchange process, and began to attack the farmers and take away the power of their property.Then, this process has become more "civilized" performance as the regular collection of tribute.To protect against such raids were built fortified structures, so any city.Conflicts and wars in primitive society were a way to take over land and property of other tribes.

# 5

In modern society, there is no little conflict on the basis of political views, sexual orientation, equality between women and men in society.As resolved by democratic means conflicts in society without resorting to wars and attacks.Conflict resolution takes place in a civilized way with the advent of the conflicting compromise.That is the part of finding a satisfactory solution to your problem.If the problem is not resolved between two people, for this is the appropriate authority, which may help in its resolution.Most importantly, human society does not conflict with nature.Since it is the main guarantor for the continuation of human existence on earth.