How does aspen : familiarity with trees

How does aspen : familiarity with trees
You will need:
  • aspen
  • resin
# 1

Aspen - kind of trees of the genus poplar, willow family.Since ancient times people used aspen as fuel for the production of a variety of household appliances, the drug.Wood from Aspen matures relatively quickly: in 30-50 years it could easily go for recycling.Mainly cultural grown trees to cut down, and after a targeted use aspen as raw materials of various kinds.Homeland aspen - Eurasia, where she lives in the biggest scale.The main directions of use - it chipboard and fuel.

# 2

Our ancestors in ancient times noticed the beneficial properties of aspen.Its use as a wide variety of materials.In view of the fact that there is no aspen core, unlike other members of the poplar family, it increases its density, but does not put in some of the most severe types of wood, which allows Aspen to create the lightest materials.Poplar trees are easy to spread on the ground.They have one of the highest indicators for sustainability.They are more difficult to crack,

after which they can be used in the construction, furniture, etc. But many know about the healing properties of aspen wood and used as a medicine

# 3

Feature aspen -.. Rapid flowering.These trees are very fond of birds build their nests.With the arrival of spring, many many trees and forests appear nests, where the old birds start to incubate their young to fly in the fall with them southward.They give a lot of trees and medicinal properties, nourish it.No birds would not be able to survive the tree: the number of insects that are ready to eat the wood is very high.And the birds are one of the trees nurses, respecting the balance.Aspen is no exception.On her trunks to settle the largest number of birds - it is one of the features of how to distinguish from other aspen trees.

# 4

Forest - home to many trees and animals.This is truly one of the most important achievements in the process of natural evolution.Wood gives a huge amount of oxygen supports the ecological balance.There are thousands of animals that would not have been able to live in an open area.In addition, there are special plants that are not adapted to life, except in dark places.They need sun, but not in such quantity.Deforestation - not the most important thing a person can do.Of course, wood is prepared paper, furniture, wood, but to get rid of the forest is not worth it.There are special techniques to get rid of aspen, but should not be applied in practice

# 5

Aspen - a type of poplar.It is important in the ecological balance in animals and plants in the plant kingdom.Without its species would not have been possible to build quality furniture.Aspen - one of the best trees, which is well lit and gives a lot of energy.In Germany, with all kind of trees for felling aspen have to only about 2%.This shows the high importance of Aspen as a living tree, which brings a lot of benefits especially for the diversity of the ecological balance in the world.