How to check the lottery ticket " Russian lotto " ?

How to check the lottery ticket
You will need:
  • lottery ticket
  • handle
# 1

Many people decide at some point in their lives to try their luck, and someone does it all the time.And bought a lottery ticket.In the Russian market there are several state lotteries, lottery which takes place on television.But what if you miss a transmission output?It required, such as in a different way to learn about the winning ticket in the lottery.On the Internet it can be done on the official websites of purchased lottery."Russian lotto" is a lottery organized in the distant 18th century by Peter the Great, who took direct part in it, was invented for this game several innovations.The game "Russian lotto" so taken root in Russia, that could persist even after the October Revolution, but in those days he was nearly closed.

# 2

"Russian lotto" - it's a lottery, passing on television, the analogue favorite games among the people with cards and kegs.For the first time such a lottery drawing on television was in 1994.Since draws tested wee

kly unchanged.In addition to play the lottery money, cars, equipment for homes and residential apartments.We learn, won a ticket or not the example of a lottery card "Russian lotto".What would you play the lottery it at the beginning, you need to buy.Acquire consults one or more cards.What can I do in different places, such as stalls, "Lottery" in Russian post office, just buy from the distributors and the same modern way - on the Internet.

# 3

Lottery produced in the form of tickets to the beautiful symbol of "Russian lotto".On the internet buying widespread species is through the purchase of popular sites, including the official game site, as well as to buy cards can be Qiwi terminals.Check lottery ticket can be either directly where the game is played on television, which run on Sundays.More precisely the channel through which broadcast transmission, and the transmission time is best for fresh television program.After the broadcast transmission, and check cashing winning cards perhaps even for six months.Check the winning table may of Circulations table, which can be found in the newspapers, what specific editions, you can check with the seller of newspapers.

# 4

Check ticket Russian lotto over the Internet can view the recording of TV program on the network, on the Internet site of the lottery.If the card is purchased through Qiwi, you can learn about winning, by text message, which comes on the phone, as well as in case of winning the payment is possible at Qiwi Wallet.Buying a lottery ticket in the global network, after a few hours have passed since the drawing is already possible to get a win on the Internet a purse, even without checking the ticket.Table drawing and shooting a copy of the transfer appears on the official website after 4-5 hours after the lottery, with winning, the personal account of the money goes to the next day, it's Monday.

# 5

Holding game "Russian lotto" is carried out in several stages.The first three rounds are played first major to complete closure on the ticket of five marks in a row, as one of the ticket includes 15 numbers or the ticket is entirely made up of 30 characters.Further rally continues until 85 or 87 strokes to complete a strikeout in the card all the digits.When items are checked in the card on the fifteenth course, all the characters in one of the two cards, the card host wins the jackpot.It is believed that winning the lottery depends on luck, in spite of this some people manage to win regularly.Why should I buy tickets regularly.Experts advise those who wish to buy tickets on a regular basis, you should do so on the basis of their income.Average number of tickets from one to three.

# 6

also claims that the probability of a big win more in the group games, rather than in isolation.In group games a good chance to win a big jackpot.Some professional players argue that there are secrets, using which you can always win a particular lottery.There are even some professionals, who possess secrets of their own and constantly win.There are some players who are constantly winning secrets or use of his mental faculties, that such specialists even prohibit owners visit some casinos.One of the biggest wins, who failed to win a single person amounted to 183 million.The biggest draws are held in America in national lotteries, but also in Russia can not small winnings.