How to tie a scarf in a Muslim ?

How to tie a scarf in a Muslim ?
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# 1

Eastern culture attracts many people with its mystery, its beauty, its individuality.Looking for something new, many outstanding ladies are turning their attention to Muslim clothing.For example, the wearing of headscarves has recently become a new trend in fashion.The problem, how to tie a scarf in a Muslim - majority concerned stylish girls.Nevertheless, the Western women, in contrast to the eastern unlikely to give such importance to this attribute of clothes.There is a real Muslim ritual, they are taught from early childhood how to tie a scarf in a Muslim.For Islam, the hijab - it's all clothing covering the body from head to toe, but the Western world the hijab - female traditional headdress, namely, a handkerchief.

# 2

Under Sharia Islamic woman is obliged to wear a headscarf.Yes, in some countries strictly required to wear a headscarf: Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia.But there are states where Muslim women can not wear it.For example,

in Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Tajikistan, forbidden to tie a scarf in schools, public offices, and Turkey and did was the first Muslim state, which in 1925 officially banned the use of the hijab by women.But then the ban lifted.In France, in schools and colleges banned clothing, loudly promotes religion.

# 3

Bonn should completely hide the hair, even the smallest strands or bangs should be cleaned in Bonn.Beaune is shaped like a cap.It is also used in order to scarf from slipping off the head, and it can be firmly and securely on the head.Do not apply any odors in the fabric.It is also forbidden to flaunt their wealth, a Muslim woman has the right to brag about money, so precious jewelry (diamonds, gold) on the headscarf banned.Many are advised to combine the color of Bon with a handkerchief, but not necessarily, you can choose similar color tones.Next you need to lay down the hijab in half to form a triangle, the ends of the wrap around the neck and secure with a pin back, or you can be killed under the chin.

# 4

There is another interesting way to nicely tie a scarf on your head is a Muslim, for which need two handkerchief.Girls can choose from different colors are bright and colorful taste.First you need a scarf wrapped around her head, gently tie at the back, and the second - to put on top of the first hijab wrap around the face and stab the side of the ear.Long scarves can be folded in half along the length, to throw down, to tie the ends behind the hijab, and then their own twist in the form of bundles, wrapped around the head and secure with decorative pins.Myhr - an alternative to Bon.Myhr - slip fabric rectangular - are as follows: put on his head, gathering her hair under it, and the ends are wrapped around the head.

# 5

Both tapes headscarf should cross in the center in the head, and to cover the ends, they are hidden under Mihr.European girls are much lighter and easier to invent new ways to wear a headscarf, than the Muslim religion does not allow to dream and experiment.However, stole or shawl - a unique accessory of Muslim women.Hijab is decorated not only the head but also the shoulders.Every woman of any nationality, wearing a scarf on her head, know that the best hijab produced in Pakistan, Latin America and India.Country of origin leaves a sign of their culture, be it colors, typical of an exotic figure, individual form.Wraps can be made from cashmere, silk, fur.

# 6

In general, a huge selection.Modern Turkish woman helped spread the fashion for wearing a turban - a kind of hijab.Turban - a traditional attribute, which is so like the Russian women, especially in the hot scorching sun it becomes a real salvation for the hair and scalp as a whole.In Turkey, this new trend has increased the speed so that the beauty salons were even special services, which are beautifully tied turban on his head.Usually in these salons enter society ladies who closely monitor their external appearance, they pay special attention to the form of a handkerchief on his head, decorating, decorating, complementing its different parts.

# 7

fact that in recent years the fairer sex are wondering how to tie a scarf on her head in Muslim world has led some designers to produce special collections of clothes, so they can be combined with the hijab.Famous fashion designers are inspired by eastern traditional clothing, through the prism of the modern world, they create extraordinary new models based on traditional robes.Every summer brings a new idea for wearing Muslim headscarves.As a result, all the magazines are full of pictures of the girls, was painted in fashionable tied stoles, headscarves.Despite the strict rules of the Koran, the Muslim woman is still trying to at least a little to combine fashion and religion.They add to the hijab the most subtle and simple decorations.

# 8

Because by and large, no matter what religion, beliefs, traditions, laws ladies are not adhered to, by nature woman is always striving for beauty, fashion and innovation.But they tend primarily for males.