How to get a turquoise ?

How to get a turquoise ?
You will need:
  • Blue paint Green paint
  • White paint
# 1

One of the most beautiful flowers on earth is turquoise.He impresses with its shrill and beauty is incomparable with any other color.The common people called aqua color.The turquoise color is very trendy, it is used in the interior, clothing and many other things.Widely distributed in the interior of your home, but do not overdo it, because you can get poor results, it is better to harmonize it with the various shades of other colors.Turquoise color to any interior brings only positive emotions.

# 2

He always commanded respect from the people involved and the public service no easy mental work, as has the ability to assist in making the right decisions.Imperial stone ancient Egypt was considered a turquoise and turquoise trimmed after the death of their tombs.The turquoise color is a few shades of blue and green and blue.The color turquoise belongs to the cool color, but compared to the other colors of the same group is the war

mest.As with many other colors, turquoise has its importance and impact on people.This color brings a sense of freshness and natural purity.

# 3

turquoise color greatly affects the person is able to remove irritability and fatigue.The difference between shades of his widely - from a soft turquoise to deep blue-green color.The turquoise color is used in the design of recreation complexes spas, massage parlors.Usually it is combined with white.This is not surprising, since it is like no other, gives a feeling of tranquility and relaxation.Doctors revealed its significant impact on the recovery in the rehabilitation centers.

# 4

In addition, physicians are advised to be most of the time in its environment in order to achieve the best results.So, how to get the color turquoise?For this to mix several different color inks.Get turquoise shades can be if you take the blue or blue-green paint, mix it with white.To make turquoise color in the home, the paint will be needed with the blue and green.It is desirable that it was the purest shades, close to the typical patterns of the color wheel.We need to take a small amount of blue paint and a little green to be mixed.

# 5

all depends on the artist, what shade he wants to have in the end, bluish or greenish, just continue to add green to get the desired result.In order to make the maximum brightness of the color, it is necessary to use undiluted paint palette.Largely depends on the color of ink used, it is preferable to use watercolor and gouache paints, as soon as they are able to more accurately convey the brightness of the color of turquoise.It is easy, and anyone can afford to make and use this beautiful color.We need to try and experiment, draw and enjoy the beautiful.