As in a dream to see what you want

As in a dream to see what you want
You will need:
  • goal
  • relax
  • paper
  • handle
  • sleep
# 1

Almost everyone wondered: "As in a dream to see what you want? "Because then it would be much more interesting, and in what - that sense, it is easier to live.For example, in a dream it would be to experience the joy of winning a huge lottery and wealth than many people are now concerned.It would be possible to spend time with the most desirable man, even those with which the meeting is unrealistic in real life.Maldives, Miami, Jamaica would become more available to all segments of the population.About a teleportation is not what a person thinks, he just dreaming about it.But such is not available to every individual.And the thing is that to truly know the "I" is subject only to a few.But, nevertheless, try your hand, your subconscious mind power over any person.And what did you get?

# 2

First of all, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for such a process.To begin with, a few hours before bedtime need to relax and move away fr

om bad thoughts.The person should be a positive mood.It should not have anything to worry about.Doubt, fear, emotions should try to defer to the farthest corner of my subconscious.Simply put, anything not cause any interference of the planned procedure.For each person relaxation items are purely individual.Therefore, it is necessary to choose for themselves the case, after which feel relax.For example, it can be relaxing salt bath, massage.For some, enough to see a good movie or read a favorite book to get full enjoyment.Favorite thing or a hobby can also help to relax.This can be embroidery, painting, playing musical instruments.

# 3

But we should remember that it is not recommended for any physical exercise, sex.It is also possible, it is necessary to abandon the dinner.The whole energy of the body during sleep should not be directed to the digestion of food.But if all the same, knowing your body, the person will be difficult to go to sleep on an empty stomach, you can drink a glass of kefir or yogurt.You must decide in advance that a person wants to see in a dream.The objective should be clearly set, in any case, without deviating from the course.Otherwise, thoughts are confused, create some chaos.But do not sleep mentally create an algorithm.The main thing - it is the end result, but the way to achieve it subconscious form itself, corresponding to the internal logic.Then should say several times the task, and then write it on a piece of paper.

# 4

next process step "How to dream what you want?" Will be setting up on your remembering a dream scene.Man must put next to the bed sheet of paper, a notebook or a notebook and pen.This is done in order to wake up, the individual was able to fix what you have seen in a dream on paper.Also, a serious attitude to the dream can, and sleep itself responsibly approach the human problem and the goal is justified.Also, a person should wake up soon, when the desired sleep will be "viewed".To do this will need to give yourself the installation before going to bed.Otherwise, the dream can be mixed, and the subsequent memories of the dream completely block the desired dream.

# 5

Absorb do not immediately, at the moment when the head hits the pillow.It is necessary to wait a little longer, but this time it is necessary to carry out the visualization of the desired pattern.Moreover, this movie have to scroll several times in his head for more accurate results.It is all depends on the imagination of man.We must try to more bright colors and great detail to draw the task in his subconscious.But at the same time, this information should not haunt the person, or thoughts can absorb it so that sleep will be very difficult.Therefore, we must try to take things smoothly, without unnecessary emotions.Status relaxation should constantly cover the person, but in this case the result will be achieved.

# 6

Yet there is one important detail.If a person can not focus on one idea, but it turns out some kind of "porridge" in the head, you have to completely abandon all thoughts for a while.It should make your self abstract.And just reaching the goal, when the mind is freed from unnecessary thoughts, it is necessary to give effect to the desired scenario sleep.By the way, you can try an emotional outburst.That is, it is necessary to recall the emotions that are associated with the desired event.But they should be much stronger than usual.In this case, you should not go too far, and do not stir up the body, that those actions will contribute to insomnia.After an emotional outburst occurred (joy, happiness, fear, tears), you can close your eyes and go to sleep.

# 7

So, waking up in the morning, do not hurry up and jump out of bed.We still have some time to lie down with eyes closed and scroll through all the memories of what he saw in a dream.It is impossible to go back to reality, or fragments of the dream will be lost forever.We must try to grab the remnants of nocturnal images that have not yet had time to evaporate from human consciousness.Sleep should be slow to display in his memoirs, remembering even the smallest details.You can also speak into his voice for a better perception.When put into place, and the film is completely formed, it must be put down on paper.When properly follow the instructions, and full awareness of the process, we can achieve a positive result.It is possible that the first attempt did not succeed.But training your subconscious mind every day, programming it to the desired result, the goal will be achieved.