Mystic : how to invoke the spirit, fulfilling the desire ?

Mystic : how to invoke the spirit, fulfilling the desire ?
You will need:
  • Mel
  • Sol
  • Five candles
  • New clothes
  • little time
# 1

Many people in an effort to achieve the desired resort to magic.However, the likelihood that the latter will, is negligible.And it is here that the so-called magical passes - a manipulation designed to persuade the conscious and subconscious part of the mind that the wish will come true and the situation will be resolved in this way, as we would like.But if the one who is trying to using non-traditional methods to achieve their goals, do not believe in themselves or in what he is doing, then the ritual will be useless.Many resort to evocation of spirits that supposedly grant their wishes.But this is a wrong bias, built on the tales of King Solomon and the like.

# 2

Ephemeral creatures, usually there is a physical reality, and therefore can not affect the fact that is very different from their place of residence in their structure and vibrations.However, the subconscious, being sure that after the ceremony on evoca

tion appears someone and help, accomplishes miracles.Therefore, this type of ritual is not without its meaning.But expect vague milky-clot that appears in the room and begins to speak, it is not necessary.Last - fiction filmmakers popular movies, mystical themes.Before taking on the rite sounded, you must perform certain actions that contribute to improving communication between the part of the consciousness immersed in the physical part of reality, and one that is on another level all the time, life and some period - after it.

# 3

Many mystics, explaining how to invoke the spirit desires, advise, first of all, go to the Sunday service in the church.But before that you need to visit the room, sauna, or take a bath with grass, which is called St. John's wort.Then put on new clothes, and it is visited the monastery clergy.After serving in the church need to buy five candles.The described manipulations are necessary to attract favorable energy flows in a person's life or cause the interest of the angels, who may be at the church at the time of the passage of life there.The question of the existence of the latter is not entirely clear, but at the expense of energy, of which, in fact, is the whole universe, there is no doubt they even scientists.On the way home from church, you must remain silent and did not say hello.

# 4

latter is necessary for the reason that a greeting expressing physical being, a passerby does the same with respect to the creatures of a different order - the spirits.And if one of them would be an evil or dirty, then on the execution of desires is not worth a thought.This information is passed from one generation to the village sorcerers, though not every time so is explained in detail.Once a person comes to your home, you need to prepare for the ritual evocation of the spirit.To do this, you need to prepare: - chalk white;- Five church candles;- Fine salt;- Match;- The text of the conspiracy.Once come to 24 hours, you need to draw with chalk on the floor of the five-pointed star.Put it in every ray of a candle, each of which is placed in a jar, which protects against fire close located objects.

# 5

Then the candles are lit using matches.And after that you need to pour salt in the center of the star so that it would produce a circle.Mystics, who know how to invoke the spirit of fulfilling desires are advised to pick up a piece of paper with the text of the conspiracy and to read it at least three times.It should sit on the floor in a circle of a salt or stand up in the same place.Read with expression of need, by fiat tone.In addition, you must submit a spirit, which is to be called, and look at it as if from above, that he felt the man advantage over him.You do not need to lose concentration on what I would like to make a.It is advisable to perform all the time of this ceremony to remember a visual image of what we would like to achieve with caused the spirit of his subconscious or energy of the universe.

# 6

text that should read: inscribed star on earth, I'll go and tell you to.And once called spirit will come, so just come evil Blight.Clean thoughts in saying these words mean to show good spirit head.I charge it to his will, I will be the arbiter, I even more so.I Wish, and the evil spirit repents, And my wish is fulfilled.How good spirit will hear my words, so no evil beside me food.I affirm my desire, and thus buffs.Read at least three times, at the same time representing the spirit and the idea of ​​holding Zagadai.When the tingling sensation in the body, cold extremities, or if the "run goose bumps", it means that the state of the surrounding area was the one that allows you to implement his plan.At this point, you need to appeal to the spirit with the order.