How to do an erotic massage ?

How to do an erotic massage ?
You will need:
  • Special massage cream
  • Massage Oil
  • Gentle touch of hands
  • Knowledge erogenous
  • partner zones imagination and ingenuity
  • experimenting
# 1

concept"erotic massage" many interpret incorrectly.Most people think that this kind of transition directly to sexual intercourse, but it is not.The aim of erotic massage is not a task to diversify sex life partners.Erotic massage - not a prelude to sex.It is a way to know the body of a partner to help him relax and forget about the various stresses and neuroses of everyday life.Erotic massage - this is one way to show loved their feelings, to make him understand how a person appreciates and loves him.Regular massage is aimed at warming up the individual parts of the body and, thus, promotes relaxation and positive influence on the internal organs.Erotic massage performs all the same functions.

# 2

It's no secret that sexual life is very important in human life.If in this respect he is doing well, he is confident and easier life.

Erotic massage helps ease life.Everyone will be useful to know how to do an intimate massage.It is necessary to take into account all the nuances of this type of massage.Proper impact on different corners of the body allow to give your partner pleasure.Also, it all depends on the intensity of the movements.For example, if you want to help the person relax, the movement should be smooth, slow, gentle, and not hastily.If a little pressure to strengthen and accelerate the movement, such a massage will subtly hint at the desire of the consequences.Partner, catching the mood will be ready for further action and look will wait in anticipation of them.

# 3

To do erotic massage, you must start with the usual stroking and rubbing.These movements help to escape from reality and lead the muscles in a relaxed state.Such movements are very useful for circulation.This erotic massage will have notes of wellness massage.Stroking best applied as early in the massage as well as at its end.Do not forget that the various movements are suitable only for a particular part of the body.For example, intense strokes in the back and legs in any way will not have the same effect in more sensitive locations.If confused, then massage will become a real torture for the partner and cause him negative emotions.The positive side of the body erotic massage is knowledge partner.

# 4

Most people are embarrassed of their imperfect bodies and are trying to avoid this procedure.Intimate massage helps liberated both morally and physically.Go by the wayside all the complexes and innuendo.It becomes possible to explore all the features of the partner's body.The less one thinks about their shortcomings, the less they notice the other.During normal touch, man affects the nerves and the body responds to this call.When these occur during touching intimate massage, the body reacts to a partner twice as strong.These sensations are the main goal of erotic massage.During the massage, you need to control the force of pressing the fingers and palms.Do not talk or distracted in every possible way during the procedure.

# 5

necessary to completely relax your partner.It is not necessary each time to ask about his feelings.Such questions do not give a concentrate.The reaction of the person will be a signal for the masseur.How do erotic massage and deliver maximum pleasure?For best results, it is best to use special creams and oils for massage.They smell good and helps to relax the muscles more than when "dry" massage.Begin to massage the best with the legs, arms or back.No wonder Foot Massage is considered the most pleasant of all others.You can start with him.Heel - it is one of the most erogenous zones, but it should be borne in mind that many are afraid of being tickled.Special attention can be paid to the fingers of both hands and feet.

# 6

back massage should begin quite gently.With light stroking and rubbing.Over time, you can increase the load and speed of movement.But do not overdo it.Erotic massage should not turn into torture.Also, you do not need all the time to make gentle stroking.They can quickly lull partner.For an erotic massage is suitable expression - carrots and sticks.Gentle rubbing need to be alternated with intense pressing at a sensitive point.Since we are talking about erotic massage, it is best to alternate the movement of hands with kisses.Erogenous zones are considered to be the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlobes, neck, and place just above the tailbone at the back.Let the motion be unpredictable - it will add thrills.Do not forget about the individual preferences of every partner.

# 7

Every man in the navel, just below, there is a special erogenous point.While pushing on it, you can see an interesting body reaction.The task of erotic massage is not genital caressing man.Then massage the meaning is lost and there is only a prelude to the normal sexual intercourse.It usually lasts a little longer.If you want to extend the time, it is best to affect this area as late as possible, because the body there is a very large number of places that can bring pleasure to the partner.Erotic massage is to experiment.Hackneyed program quickly bored and does not bring the desired results.You must be resourceful in this matter, then the erotic massage will bring positive results.