How VKontakte " send a postcard to a friend ?

How in
You will need:
  • computer
  • internet access
# 1

One of the easiest and fastest options greetings, sending cards is a social network.It does not take much of your time, but will bring a lot of pleasant emotions to your friends and family.People who have never done this, you may experience the issue, and how to send a postcard to the "Contacts"?In fact it is very simple.It is necessary to go to a page other, insert the cursor in the field for records, appears "Attach".Click on it, then on the icon "Photo" and insert any image, it can be a picture from the Internet, photos, generally any image.The second option - is to use the application, which "contacts" a dime a dozen.A second card will appear on the wall near your friend.

# 2

And if we did not like any of the suggested images for special applications.The question arises, how to download a postcard?There are plenty of resources on which it is possible to completely download a wide variety of cards.You can use a search engine, just write

"postcards" selects "image" and it gives us a lot of options.On the image you liked right click, select the action "Save image."And yet!Postcard stored on the computer.Or you can view the cards directly on the site, there is a "Download" icon in the main next to each image.

# 3

But if there is a possibility to make a postcard with your hands, do not neglect it, because this product will cause an incredible delight.Your time and effort will be evaluated in full.Especially unique and unrepeatable product likely to appeal to children.So how do you make your child a postcard?You will need a little time, effort and patience.Also, landscape sheet of paper or cardboard, colored paper, glue, crayons, paints or markers, a little bit of fantasy and imagination - and all your exclusive and unique work done!

# 4

final stage - sending congratulations.And then there is another question - how to send a greeting card?Its man-made creation can be sent by mail, and the recipient is undoubtedly finding unopened envelope and receive very positive and pleasant emotions.If the time to wait for a few days there, you can only send e-mail greetings, e-mail, or all in the same social network.

# 5

We must also sign your beautiful creation.And this stage of preparation greetings, sometimes also causes some question - how nice to sign a postcard?To do this, you first need to choose a suitably wish, and of course it would be better if the sender himself come up with compliments.And it's not necessarily have to be poetry, just quite a few nice words coming from the heart.At the end safely, their firm sure hand portable invented suggestions on a postcard.