How do you know the size of the glove , if you choose them as a gift ?

You will need:
  • Gloves
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ammonia
  • Flexible centimeter
# 1

most pleasant and always appropriate gift for any man on the day of birth will certainlygloves.Select and choose between several types of glove material from which the sewn gloves.It can be leather gloves, suede or with velor pile, kid or just knit.Once the choice has already been made in favor of the selected material, such as leather, not hurt to ask the seller - adviser for the future on how to clean the leather gloves, after long socks.

# 2

When selecting gloves, should be considered for the future, that the gloves in the future can be stretched across the palm, when they wear.Therefore, when fitting gloves, do not pull them tight.To learn glove size, measure the circumference of the flexible centimeter palm of your thumb.Based on the obtained size, can be on a special table to determine what size should buy gloves.Such a table the size of gloves, should be the seller of the goods.It should seek the assis

tance of a sales assistant who can help the customer, how do you know the size of the glove.

# 3

By the same principle, you should choose the boxing gloves for sports training.Boxing gloves are mainly made of genuine leather, but can also be made of artificial material with foam inserts.When selecting the size of boxing gloves, it is understood that they should not hang out on the palms and tightly encircle the hand, because if the glove will be hanging on his arm, the arm can be easily damaged on impact with the enemy.If an aspiring athlete who decided to box, the trainer will ask: "How to choose the boxing gloves?".That coach will advise him to measure his hand tailor centimeter.

# 4

If you really want to do needlework and master-class, fully invest their skills and soul, it is possible to prepare an original birthday gift to your loved one, in the form of home-made gloves.In addition, this gift will cost in terms of material costs.You can come and make their own original and creative gloves.In such a seamstress, needlewoman, be sure to have a question: "How do the gloves?"First, the pattern should be prepared, and then choose the material for future gloves.Decorating gloves should be based on where and why such gift gloves are designed.Perhaps this will be lining for biker gloves, or beads and rhinestones for a glamorous gloves.

# 5

Any gloves, sooner or later, Mara from long-term use, so it will be interesting to see how clean the gloves at home.The easiest method of cleaning, it is washable woolen gloves in soapy water.Suede gloves, should be cleaned with a piece of cotton wool soaked in a solution of ammonia and water.The same solution can be cleaned with kid gloves, and washing powder solution also suitable for data gloves.White suede gloves wipe hydrogen peroxide, mixed with ammonia.