How to send a birthday card to a mobile phone ?

How to send a birthday card to a mobile phone ?
You will need:
  • material for homemade cards
  • Computer
  • Internet
# 1

Currently cards, in most cases, are used in electronic form.This card and easier to get, and the choice is much more than a kiosk around the corner, and it will come to the recipient immediately after you send.Therefore, congratulating loved ones, all have been moved from paper to electronic cards.But ways to send e-cards, too, are different.For an insecure computer user may seem to challenge the question of how to send a greeting card?

# 2

In social networks, there are many applications to send postcards in which a large variety of cards sorted by categories.Therefore, you can use one of the following applications.You can find a beautiful card online, save it to your computer and then send the letter by e-mail.You can also send this card to the recipient's mobile phone using MMS.But still a very important question, how beautiful postcard sign?

# 3

Not everyone knows how to beautifully express their thoughts.The

refore, it is very difficult to come up with good, original greeting is not what verse and even prose.But now this problem has very few people bother.On the Internet you can find a lot of ready-made greetings for all occasions.There are even special sites with congratulations, which can be used to sign the cards.Still, some users asked how to "contact" to send a card?

# 4

In "Touch" to do it the easiest way.To do this, find one of the applications to send postcards and install it on your page.Typically, in such applications cards are located in the respective categories, so it's easier to look for a card suitable for a particular holiday.Next, choose one or those of friends who want to send a card and presses the submit button.Thus, you can send a postcard, even once all of your friends.Those who send a postcard to the e-mail, asking how to download a postcard.

# 5

to send a postcard by e-mail, you must first download it.In order to download the card, you need to find it through the search engine on one of the sites on the Internet, open it, then click on the image, right-click the shortcut menu select "Save Image As..." And point the path to save.But congratulations for children will be useful to know how to do baby postcard.

# 6

interesting young child hold in their hands a colorful postcard.Therefore it is better to make it to the child with his hands out of colored paper with a variety of colorful appliqué.The colorful card, the more it is like a child.When any card you want to show as much attention and love of a friend, which is addressed to this card and he will be happy to receive this greeting.