How to brew moonshine at home?

How to brew moonshine at home?
You will need:
  • Yeast
  • Sugar
  • Braga
  • Moonshine
# 1

brewing - it is the process of making home-distilled spirits.On the Internet today, you can easily find how to drive moonshine video or other detailed instructions.Such popularity is not accidental, many people believe that vodka, which is made by mixing water and ethyl alcohol, which dissolves in it, is worse than the quality of consumer, for example, whiskey, cognac or brandy.The thing purity ethyl alcohol, which is produced by distillation at a special distillation column.The above-mentioned world-famous drinks like moonshine, made by distillation and subsequent purification.distillation method is good that the output is a product having the characteristic aroma of the feedstock.

# 2

Another advantage of moonshine is considered its use in folk medicine as a variety of rubbing cooked on it, be more effective than similar prepared on vodka.rectification method receives a neutral product.In the future, it is made of vodka, various t

inctures and liqueurs.Below you will learn how to properly brew moonshine, to further not be ashamed in front of friends for its quality.The process of production of moonshine is divided into three phases: preparation of mash, mash distillation in the moonshine; cleaning the finished brew.Braga, if it is to take in a biological sense - a nutrient broth, in which the yeast is carried throughout his life - reproduction.

# 3

This starch and natural sugars that serve them as food, they are processed into ethanol - waste his life.In this case such waste - harmful to yeast.So "wild" fungi that live naturally on grapes, hops, etc. -.. Die in 5-8% ethanol solution.Bread yeast - 9-10%.Industrial, which are specially bred for wine and alcohol industry - up to 14%, however, the culture of the fungus this type of home is almost impossible to maintain.These yeasts have to sow every 2 weeks to a new nutrient solution - Braga, otherwise they will die.From this we can conclude that the home remains optimal use baker's yeast.

# 4

And when the content in Braga more than 10% alcohol, the process will stop, even if korma- sugar, since mass destruction "processors"."Fermentation" home brew when used as leaven bread yeast takes 1-3 weeks, a lot depends on the temperature, raw materials, etc. A curious fact:.. If the air a lot of tar, of freshly cut pine house, or he is in a fir or pineforest, duration of fermentation increases markedly.Learn, goes or is over the fermentation process can be on the release of carbon dioxide, as highlighted in the mass quantities of carbon dioxide in the splitting of sugars.Therefore it is sufficient to neck of the container, which is brewed beer, bring a lighted match.If the match went out, the fermentation process continues when lit, the home-brewed beer is ready for distillation

# 5

can learn and from the characteristic noise - hissing when brewed beer "works".To prepare the mash desirable enamel, ceramic, glass, stainless steel or wood (preferably) cookware with a narrow neck.Containers made of aluminum and especially of galvanized steel should be avoided, as fermentation by-products come to them in a chemical reaction, which will undoubtedly worsen the quality of raw materials.Another attribute is the capacity to mash her neck.Here it is necessary to clarify that during the fermentation by-product occurs - carbon dioxide, which must necessarily all come out.But at the same time of sufficiently wide mouth and will leave the alcohol vapors.Therefore, in the first two days, while the most rapid fermentation process, the tank must be open.

# 6

When the process is calm, you can shut her cloth cap, and if the capacity of small - rubber gloves.That's why for the preparation of home-made beer, the best container - wood (oak) barrel.Wood is capable of small amounts of carbon dioxide and to pass on the other hand holds a pair of alcohol.But cork is ideal for any container - water seal.The design of it is quite simple, the vapor tube is inserted at one end into the neck of the vessel, which is sealed tight (all gases can escape only through the vapor tube).The second end of the tube is lowered into a small jar filled with water.Too vigorous fermentation in Braga should add a spoonful of butter or a little fresh milk.

# 7

There are many ways to drive the moonshine, that is, the production of ethyl alcohol from the mash.At temperatures -30-40 ○ C, which is not uncommon in Siberia and the Far North ethanol is frozen.But the commonly used conventional distillation or distillation.This method operates on the difference of the boiling temperature of 100 C and an alcohol ○ ○ 78 C.Directly moonshine structurally consists of a sealed container for mash with a tap for the alcohol vapors, the capacitor still call it a fridge in the living conditions in the tank as possible to manage a pan-pressure cooker.It is tight and it has a steam outlet, it hangs on the drain valve.

# 8

as a capacitor can be used laboratory glass distillers, which is used in chemical laboratories.With it, distilled water was prepared.Only that the resulting brew contains a huge amount of fusel oils.One way to get rid of them use a manganese-sour potassium or, more simply potassium permanganate.It oxidizes fusel oils and those precipitate.There is a time-tested recipe: to one liter of vodka cleaned added about 1g.potassium permanganate powder.Another way is to use activated charcoal or charcoal.